We built Workpop because the entire process of finding a job should be...fun.


A personal story inspired the creation of our company.

My father spent his entire career as an engineer on the space program. After the last space shuttle blasted off, he was out of a job after nearly 40 years. He knew it was out of the question to relocate to a higher-cost-of-living location for another aerospace job. This meant he had to apply to many local jobs at businesses that were still using surprisingly antiquated recruiting technology.

Reed, Dad, and Brother aboard the solid rocket booster retrieval boat.

Watching my dad apply to jobs, I realized that the ecosystem of job boards, application processes, and tracking systems was hurting most job seekers and managers, not helping them. From redundant, exhausting applications to non-intuitive software, everything he encountered seemed to prevent people from actually hiring or getting hired.

Worst of all, resumes and hours of application time would often vanish into a black hole of despair - with no response. Or, if there was a response, it was from a third party that had purchased candidate data from a job board. Imagine that...desperate people out looking for jobs, only to have their data resold. To hell with that!

While at the time I didn't know the HR and recruiting space as well as we do now, my co-founders and I did know that we could build a better way for everyday people to find jobs. We became mission-driven to offer candidates something unique in the market: a great experience. That meant transparency, useful tools and data to help them improve their chances of getting hired. We also knew we could deliver tools to managers and recruiters desperate to hire great talent, making it easier for them to deliver great experiences to candidates and achieve better results.

Our vision when we started Workpop remains our vision today: "Every person in a job they love". Thank you for helping us strive toward achieving this vision.

Reed Shaffner
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Every person in a job they love.
In order to achieve that vision, Workpop's mission is to offer the best hiring tools to businesses. Using innovative technology and a modern, user-friendly approach that uniquely puts candidates first, Workpop provides insights and tools unavailable anywhere else.

Who is Workpop for?

First and foremost, Workpop was built to be used not only by recruiters, but by every manager that needs to hire in an organization. Workpop specializes in service industry verticals that employ many hourly workers, in which much of the recruiting is done at the store or location, rather than from corporate headquarters. We are building a solution for industries that have typically been plagued by high turnover. Many of our job seekers hold multiple jobs at once.

Some of the industries that use Workpop include:

Food & Beverage
Warehouse & Distribution
Traditional Retail
Education Franchise
Hotel & Hospitality
Fitness, Health & Beauty
Grocery & Convenience
Sales & Administrative Agencies
Healthcare Franchise
Entertainment, Theme Parks & Gaming
Automotive Sales & Service

If you happen to be a recruiter at a technology company (or other mostly "white collar" company), we love you too. Heck, you should work for us! But our software (while it does work better) wasn't built for you. We're the only tech company that gets to use Workpop to hire. There is a lot of amazing software out there for recruiters tackling hard-to-fill tech positions like software engineers - but that's not us right now.

What is Workpop?

Workpop's software is the product of our fundamental philosophy about hiring: we believe that the divide between job boards and the software for hiring managers (the traditional ATS) is a bad thing. It creates a poor user experience both for candidates and employers, leading to suboptimal data and redundant tasks.

Candidates are forced to re-enter information and are given little feedback and must start from square one if they are declined. Employers are forced to continually re-purchase candidates via job boards, and have minimal control over the sourcing experience - relying on job posts, fighting for attention in a sea of opportunities or attempting to build employment brands with antiquated technology.

The ATS, the most important software purchase for recruiting, doesn't even help with the largest problem - finding great employees. Not so with Workpop.

For employers, Workpop provides:
    A marketplace for talent.
    Workpop's network saves employers money while providing a better candidate experience. Talent is pooled and shared across employers. Declined candidates are provided other opportunities instead of being lost forever. Passive candidates that might be a good fit are served up from across the network.
    Groundbreaking sourcing technology.
    Any tool that revolutionizes the hiring process must start with the candidates coming into the system. That's why we built technology to automate and optimize traditional sourcing on job boards to improve ROI.
    The best candidate experience.
    Our entire platform is built around chat. Every step of hiring is run through a conversation. Instead of technology making the process impersonal, we've made it engaging and fun.
    An ATS any manager or business size can use on any device.
    How did a process that once involved a hiring sign and a handshake turn into endless forms, confusing requisitions, and impossible-to-decipher steps? Any user can understand our interface, so customers can build a more powerful hiring process.
    An extensible, open platform.
    Our competitors often force platform lock-in instead of allowing customers to seamlessly integrate best-in-breed software. With Workpop, it's your data; we provide tools and support to integrate whatever you need with any system.
    While we don't believe that the main focus of recruiting software should be compliance, we do realize that it's important. Workpop provides unparalleled data logging and tracking to ensure customers are covered.
    The best support, period.
    We've got it all: phone, email, and live chat support, recorded webinars, a rich help center. We even enroll CS team members in SHRM certification so they can solve your hardest problems.
To job seekers Workpop is:
    An opportunity marketplace.
    Candidate profiles and applications are reusable when applying to any Workpop employer. Get declined from a job on the platform? We'll help you find other opportunities instead of another dead end.
    A place to grow and learn.
    We offer tools that help candidates find better jobs. Our platform is designed to give back to candidates, whether it's peer resume feedback or application analytics.
    A place to manage career data.
    When candidates are hired by a Workpop employer leveraging our onboarding tools, Workpop provides the best place to consume and update things like pay rates, legal documents and more.
    A transparent job search experience.
    Workpop communicates your likelihood of hearing back from an employer before applying to the job, and ensures that you get an answer on every application.
    A trustworthy platform.
    We don't resell candidate data to anyone, and we don't surface ads to candidates, other than jobs.