Kitchen Prep/ Cook
at Tony's Pizza
San Marino, CA
San Marino, CA
posted 12/22/2017 in
  • Employment Type
    Part Time / Full Time
  • Compensation
    $10.50 Hourly
  • Perks / Benefits
    Employee Discounts, Meal Plan / Free Food

Looking for someone who can prep and cook.  Needs to be fast and keep a clean work station.  Will be making sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes.  Willing to train if willing to learn.  Dishwashing and daily cleaning also required.   Also, if you have a car, deliveries are available 

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

Tony's Pizza has been around since 1973.  Tony opened it, now Michael, his son, is in charge.  It is a stable workplace, with many employees staying several years, and some even returning.  we work hard, but have fun doing it.  It truly feels like a family when you are in the kitchen.  

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Hiring Manager
Michael Scotti-Belli