Frida Restaurant Sherman Oaks Los Angeles, CA
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Frida Is looking for team members that have a strong presence, outgoing personality, and loves interacting with guest. We are looking for individuals who possess the ability to achieve high productivity through themselves and others in a positive manner while ensuring quality is never compromised. We are seeking team members tat are enthusiastic team players with a positive attitude and who loves and enjoy's interacting with guest. 

Qualifications include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Must be able to handle multiple task at a time. 
  • Must be able to follow instructions and learn by example. 
  • Must have a great positive attitude always and be poised under pressure regardless of the situation. 
  • Must have a really high attention to details 
  • Must have understanding of the necessity to be passionate about the guest experience and making a good first impression. 
  • Responsible and punctual. 
  • Excellent Communication skills, loves guest interactions. 

Join us for a hiring fair Monday, Nov. 6 - Friday, Nov. 10! Please apply to this posting to receive more information.

The origins of FRIMEX HOSPITALITY GROUP date back several decades, to the cooking and traditions of the central valley of Mexico. It is from here, where its founder, Vicente Del Rio, was born and raised, and where he learned and obtained an appreciation of the spices, sauces and condiments that form the basis of traditional Mexican cuisine.

"Mexican gastronomy is an art", it's the perfect combination of textures, rich flavors, colorfully ingredients and culinary methods. Vicente Del Rio has been working with passion for more than 15 years to transmit this message through his restaurants, adding to these traditional recipes the freshness of the CaliMex culture.

This is how FRIDA RESTAURANT was born, with the influence of the authentic Mexican food to offer the best of this traditional cuisine with a modern, fresh touch. FRIDA RESTAURANT is now considered an ambassador of the Mexican cuisine in southern California with its three locations: its flagship Beverly Hills location, the Westwood location and its all new Del Amo location.

Each one of these establishments is very different in terms of its physical shape and location, but they all share the same concept and goal; to serve high quality, authentic Mexican cuisine, with the best costumer service possible. For FRIMEX HOSPITALITY GROUP, its customers are the top priority, and its commitment is to provide them with a memorable and unique dining experience. 

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