Manager In Training

Maxwell Farms of Indiana Hagerstown, IN
  • Depends on experience
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Employer Fairly Likely to Respond

Primary Purpose of Position: 

The position’s main objective is in the training of the incumbent towards overseeing the care, welfare and daily management of a sow farm. Under the supervision and direction of the manager, the Manager-In-Training is expected to learn and fulfill all of the duties of the Manager. Manager-In-Training must be able to accomplish all duties of his subordinates in both the farrowing and breeding barns as well as train in employee relations, company policies, land and nutrient management, controlling operating costs, providing a quality product to the farm’s customers and ultimately fulfilling all of the obligations expected of the farm manager. The Manager-In- Training will perform other assigned supervisor duties; set farm goals, create an open line of communication between supervisors and staff, provide staff development, counsel whenever necessary and ensure health, safety and welfare of all animals. The incumbent must follow and ensure all members are following the company’s strict bio-security policies as well as ensure that all documentation is filed and maintained on a regular basis. 

Other Position Characteristics: 

  • Regularly lift items ranging in both size and weight, stand and walk with swine down walkways. 
  • Manager-In-Training is required to stoop, kneel, crouch, reach and extend arm, frequently lifting up to 50 lbs. 
  • The supervisor will be working a majority of time inside the barn areas and occasionally outside in the surrounding areas. Moderate/high level of livestock noise is expected and protective equipment used during tasks include safety glasses, cutting board, hearing protection, protective mask. 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Training and Experience Requirements: 

  • The supervisor must be able to adapt to a flexible work schedule to meet training program benchmarks. Must possess strong organizational skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, leadership skills a must, ability to work well with teams, assuring tasks and duties are completed by staff. Incumbent should be an active listener and learner as well as possess the ability to convey ideas clearly and effectively. 
  • Mathematical skills, accurate record keeping, excellent animal husbandry skills. Ability to train and develop employees and handle exposure to dust, odor and noise.
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