Food Runner

Balboa Yacht Club Newport Beach, CA
  • Depends on experience
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Meal Plan / Free Food, Ask Us!
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Department: Kitchen/Restaurant

Reports to: Restaurant Manager/Executive Chef

Function: Responsible for all set up of condiments, spices, and garnishes. For all food plate presentation on the line (for all breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes).


  1. To review the covers for the day and check list ready from the night before to prep the line.
  2. To ensure the that the fruit (sides and any fresh prepared product) is dated, labeled, and within a set timeframe of expiration (if you are not sure, check with the Chef).
  3. To ensure hygiene standards are kept to the highest level at all, keep hands clean, keep areas swept and tidy, organize and label fridges, sanitize all surface areas and endure they are clean for every shift.
  4. Make sure all dressings and dispensers are cleaned daily and switched out. Date and label these as well.
  5. Understand the menu and be aware of the food product that you are serving.
  6. Make sure the chef/supervisor walks through the station prior to service to observe that all mise en place is current and ready for service specs.
  7. Be able to understand the Expeditor role of ticket times and picking up food together so that hot foods stay hot and cold foods stay cold. Be able to call out tickets and be able to ask when food will be ready.
  8. Complete clean-up/break-down of work area/tables. Reorganize and consolidate shelves and refrigerators after each shift.
  9. Maintain good communication between shifts (when replacement arrives) for continuity of work and consistency of product.
  10. Maintain a high degree of respect, teamwork, and discipline within the kitchen and other related areas.
  11. Report to work on time, in proper uniform, and well-groomed at all times.
  12. Comply with Balboa Yacht Club safety regulations, emergency procedures, and report any unsafe or hazardous conditions.
  13. Be flexible in accommodating guest requests.
  14. Ensure the consistency and quality of all recipes and other food preparation.
  15. Know all garnishes for all menu items and pass the test.
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