Restuarant hostess

The Conga Room Los Angeles, CA
  • $16.00 Hourly
    + Commission
  • Part Time
  • Employer Likely to Respond

Job Title:

BOCA Host/Hostess

Job Category:

BOCA Support Staff  

Job Description:

The host/hostess is responsible for greeting and seating guests in a friendly and courteous manner while maintaining a smooth flow in the dining room.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Display a welcoming smile and show attentiveness to our guests as they enter the restaurant.
  • Be helpful and knowledgeable about BOCA, the Conga Room, drinks and food.
  • Maintain reservation list.
  • Communicate various dinner packages to servers based on reservations.
  • Print restaurant menus
  • Seat guest properly according to seating chart.
  • Be positive, energetic and mindful of the guest’s needs in our restaurant and on the phone.
  • Be accommodating, even if a guest is difficult.
  • Answer the telephone and respond to guests’ inquiries. Direct any calls to the appropriate extension.
  • Assist server, food-runner or bartender if necessary.
  • Communicate with staff special requests/needs of guests.
  • Complete additional tasks at the request of a manager.
  • Make sure the host area is clean and maintained.

Preferred Skills:

  • 1 year hosting experience
  • Positive, upbeat and energetic.
  • Confident and knowledgeable about BOCA, the Conga Room, drinks and food.
  • Able to work at a fast pace.
  • Willingness to assist server or bartender when needed to give guest outstanding service.
  • Teamwork approach to the position is essential
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