Account Representative

Dynamic Edge Consulting, Inc. CARSON, CA
  • $1K - $2K Weekly
    + Bonuses
    + Commission
  • Full Time
  • Ask Us!
  • Employer Very Unlikely to Respond

Dynamic Edge Consulting, Inc. is looking to hire on a few individuals for the position of Account Representative

We are hiring entry level so all candidates are welcome to apply. Our strategy when bringing individuals into this role is simple - we have defined our training and systems for this position so clearly and down to a science, we do not need someone with sales experience. 

We actually prefer someone with less experience because it makes it easier to introduce them to our proven training model to execute the strategies we have developed.

We currently work with a large telecommunications client (per contract we can't disclose them in job postings - but they do cellular services and they are a very hip brand!) and are responsible for acquiring and maintaining small-medium sized business / company accounts for them.

The position involves:

  • Face-to-face meetings with owners and decision makers of small businesses
  • On-site presentations and consulting 
  • Maintaining excellent rapport and building close personal relationships with people
  • Learning how to create win-win outcomes for both the customer and our client

This position is a great training and learning opportunity for anyone who seeks to gain experience and move into consulting/management down the road!

At Dynamic Edge, we are big into creating a fun professional level and social level culture.  With constant events and opportunities for team building, travel, social hangouts among our team members, we are able to create an environment where you're working towards a common goal with friends and colleagues, not just co-workers. 

Every day in the office, there is constant learning and coaching/development to ensure our team members are always growing towards a promotion, more responsibilities, and advancing their professional careers.

We've traveled across the country, we do weekly sporting events as a team like kickball or hikes, and we have fun bonuses like our Lake Havasu retreat or Big Bear Snowboarding retreat. Work hard play hard is our motto.

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