Sales Associate
at The Urban Pet
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
posted 01/11/2018 in
  • Employment Type
    Part Time / Full Time
  • Compensation
    $13.50 Hourly + Bonuses
  • Perks / Benefits
    Health Insurance, Employee Discounts

The Urban Pet has expanded to its 4th location.  We are interviewing candidates to join our team of dynamic sales associates for the West Hollywood and Beverly locations.

The position is multi-facited with responsibilities including sales, customer assistance in pet foods, supplies and services.  If you are interested in the pet industry, The Urban Pet will provide you with invaluable experience and opportunities to expand your career.  Many of our past associates now hold positions as representatives for top of the line  manufacturers of pet foods and supplies.

Please do not list your "love of animals" as a qualification, if you're applying to The Urban Pet, it's a given you love animals!

The Urban Pet does NOT sell animals!

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

The Urban Pet is Mecca for the pet enthusiast specializing in premium foods and supplies.  The environment is warm and comfortable with an emphasis on the customer experience.  

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