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Donut Friend DTLA Los Angeles, CA
  • $13.25 - $14.25 Hourly
    + Tips
  • Part Time
  • Employer Likely to Respond

Donut Friend is now hiring for all positions as we prepare to open our flagship location in Downtown Los Angeles!

Love people? Love donuts? Love people who love donuts? Then we want to meet you!

This is an entry level position and the first step on the road towards total donut domination. You will greet customers. You will make pretty (and delicious) donuts. You will scoop ice cream and make coffee drinks. You will clean and clean and clean and you will do it with a smile because you take pride in your workspace and want the best for everyone around you. You will make Donut Friend a better place to be for customers and other employees just by the fact you are here and amazing to be around.

Maybe you see yourself working your way up to a Donut Decorator, or a Baker, or possibly even a Supervisor. We hope you do, because there's lots of room for growth at Donut Friend. Everyone starts up front, and everyone awesome gets a chance to move into the kitchen. By the time you are a Supervisor you have worked every shift here and know how to do everything. You are unstoppable.

So what does it take to work here? All candidates must:

  • Possess amazing customer service skills. Seriously, AMAZING. You are the face of a very tiny company trying to do good. We need smiles and warmth and making people feel welcome.
  • Care about the quality of their work and always strive to make beautiful things. People eat with their eyes first so making pretty donuts is paramount! It's not enough to slap some glaze on a donut - you have to do it with FLAIR! 
  • Be available on weekends. We are busiest Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday all day, so that's when we need you here. Are you only available nights and weekends? WE'LL TAKE IT! 
  • Be willing to work as early as 6am or as late as 1am. We stay open late. We don't believe it's cool to sell out of donuts early. That means we work harder at night.
  • Be able to lift 50 lbs. That's the size of the bags our flour comes in. It gets dropped off at the shop and we need to put it away. It's heavy!
  • Keep busy and be proactive with cleaning. It's not always GO! GO! GO! here at Donut Friend. We have our down times, too. So we need people who aren't comfortable staying idle for too long and who have no problems finding constructive things to do.
  • Work fast and not get flustered under pressure. When it's busy, it's BUSY, and you need to enjoy that, because it's frequent. If you get a rush from working through a rush, this place is for you!
  • Be available to work all day Saturday and Sunday (this is worth repeating)

We get a lot of great applications here on Workpop. It's a little overwhelming, so if you want to stand out from the pack please include a cover letter and tell us a little bit about yourself!

Thank you!



DONUT FRIEND is an established and rapidly evolving donut shop located in Highland Park, California. We specialize in vegan, customizable, "Do It Yourself" donuts and ice cream in a fun and fast paced setting. 

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