Work with a Luxury RV Rental Company making RV deliveries to our high end clients!

Chill Base Los Angeles, CA
  • $17.00 Hourly
    + Tips
    + Bonuses
  • Part Time

Luxury RV Rental company is searching for an amazing individual to join our team! We're looking for someone to represent the comapany while delivering the RV and doing a quick orientation to our high end clients. 

The deliveires are all over Los Angeles County, and surrounding counties. Further deliveries may be necessary but are up for discussion. You need to be ok driving long distances, working weekends and early mornigns or late evenings. We work on holidays as well, but can be flexible with your schedule. 

Candidate must be over 25 years old, have a clean driving record and a clean criminal background, have experience driving large vehicles and above all, must be great with people as excellent customer service is a top priority.

The pay is $17 per hour + opportunities for bonuses and additional pay. Although this is a part time position, we’re looking for someone to work with us long term and perhaps grow this into a full time position if it's a good fit. 

The hours vary. We offer deliveries to our clients 7 days a week, from 8 am – 8 pm and our schedule is based on client reservations and preferences. Typically there will be 1-4 client interactions per day, a couple times per week. We usually know the delivery schedule weeks in advance so you can easily plan other work schedules and time off. 

We prefer someone with a flexible schedule who can work any hours, but we are willing to be flexible if need be. The perfect candidate must be reliable, responsible and friendly! 

Responsibilities include
- Checking that the RV is ready for delivery
- Driving the RV to the client
- Doing orientation & paperwork
- Picking up the RV upon client return
- Doing a damage walkthrough inspection
- Taking the RV for maintance (if needed)
- Organizing the workspace
- Very light repair work if needed (will train)
- Other tasks that may come up

We prefer energentic and enthusiastic people! :) The RVs are very easy to drive and the clients are honestly amazing. This is a pretty easy and fun job. You can listen to music or podcasts on the drive over to the clients house and when you arrive, the clients are always excited to see you! 

We are growing really fast. We’re looking for someone who can grow with us.

Our clients are amazing!! They are top notch, ranging from lawyers, doctors, CEO’s to professionals in the Hollywood industry and so on, so it’s imperative that the applicant can present themselves positively and have a great attitude and always smile!

Your performance will be rated highly based on your professionalism and the customer service you provide.

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