Junior Brand Manager

NJ - Tip Jersey City, NJ
  • $50K Annual Salary
    + Bonuses
  • Full Time
  • Ask Us!
  • Employer Very Unlikely to Respond

We are looking for a Junior Brand Manager to support the management of the advertising department.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Assist with all department functions and day-to-day activities as directed by the Advertising and Operations Managers 
  • Take part and put forward ideas for new campaigns, new pr, and crucial overall consumer touch points
  • Analyze advertising project performances and work with trend analysis to improve brand image 
  • Perform primary tasks, campaign procedures, and make decisions in meetings in the absence of the Brand Manager
  • Maintain a friendly and professional environment with clients, subordinates, and supervisors


  • Being responsible, reliable, dependable, and fulfill obligations
  • Willingness to take the initiative with tasks and challenges
  • Establishing and sustaining personally challenging achievement aims and exercising effort toward mastering tasks
  • Willingness to take charge, lead others, and offer opinions and direction
  • Prefers to work with others and enjoy being personally connected with others on the job
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