Floor Manager/Server

Blackhouse Hospitality Group Hermosa Beach, CA
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Job Descriptions

Service Managers need to have unique personal qualities including excellent communication skills as they interact with internal employees of the organization, vendors and clients (the general public). The Service Manager is the manager in charge on the floor. This person needs to think quickly on their feet and act with guests as their priority. Leadership is seen and felt which makes this a very high-profile position as one of the faces of the company.


One of the main tasks of the Service Manager is to put into action the company's vision and mission statements. They assist the Management Team with budgeting and allocating finances for the different sub divisions (unique to the concept they are placed, Bar, Cocktail, Private Events, Nightlife, Restaurants etc). The Service Manager will also interact with the HR Department to keep budget plans in line and ensure all Human Resource needs are met according to the particular needs of the concept. Service Managers will also review on a weekly and quarterly basis the P&L alongside the HR Department.

The Service Manager is also fully integrated into the marketing of the restaurant. The Service Manager is also directly in a position to effect the bottom line by proper execution of “cutting the floor”, reducing labor and keeping costs under control. In unison with keeping costs in line, guest’s satisfaction is key to the success of the role. No guest should leave unhappy during their time on the floor.

Hiring new employees and training is also part of the Service Manager position with previous approval from the General Manager. Responsibilities include arranging employee training to improve the quality of the workforce. The Service Manager will look into employee retention. Motivating the employees to achieve set goals and conceptualizing rewards and recognition programs is their duty.

Interacting with clients for redressing complaints and understanding their requirements is an important aspect of their job profile. They also ensure that work ethics are followed, and company policies are adhered to. Preparing reports to appraise the Director of Operations about the functioning of the company is also an important task that the Service Manager undertakes.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

A Service Manager will embody the resources and knowledge of the set forth management principles, accounting and human resource policies along with state regulations and norms pertaining to the business. They should also have in-depth knowledge of all the company policies and procedures. Service Managers should know how to budget company finances and resources. They need to be knowledgeable about ways to promote team work and employee morale. A Service Manager should also have information on team building activities and be a good orator.

The Service Manager should have through knowledge of the Food and Beverages. Including a wide arrange of culinary techniques, world class wines, craft spirits and in-depth beer knowledge.

The nature of the job requires them to act as a conduit between upper management and the employees, hence they need to have excellent communication skills. Service Managers need good interpersonal skills as they have to interact with clients to understand their requirements. A Service Manager should have leadership qualities as they are in charge of employee performance and motivation. They should be adept in conflict resolution skills, as they will be called in to resolve conflicts between employees and management as well as conflict between two employees. Long hours and strenuous days come with the territory.

The Service Manager also has to conduct meetings and training sessions to ensure effective workforce management. They are well compensated for the responsibilities they undertake and generally candidates with an extensive background in Hospitality and a college degree or likewise experience.

Our philosophy is based on preparing and serving creative and innovative experiences with love and respect for food and our customers. We embrace exploring food without boundaries, gimmicks or pretense. We believe one of life’s greatest sources of joy is what happens when people come together to share a meal.

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