Phorage Los Angeles, CA
  • $12.00 - $13.25 Hourly
    + Tips
    + Bonuses
    + Commission
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Employee Discounts, Meal Plan / Free Food, Ask Us!
  • Employer Fairly Likely to Respond

Phorage is looking to hire some experienced servers that have knowlege of Southeast Asian cuisine as well as an understanding of Craft Beer and Wine.  We are also dabbling with the idea of running Full service for Dinners but will keep our Quick Service Format during the day to keep a faster pace dining experience for our Work Lunch Crowd.  

Full service experience is a Plus

Experience with serving Beer and Wine a defintie Plus

If you have experience working at Serving Jobs for over a year Please apply

if you jump from job to job or have extremely limited availability Don't apply because that not what we're looking for!

We run a very Friendly close knit work environmen and everyone gets along.  You will meet with Shift leads before being hired and during that trial period you can expect to be judged heavily on your interaction with existing staff and of course our customers.  

Please dress casual but clean and if you have to ask... don't wear it.

Our restaurant is more mellow in the summers but ramps up prettyheavy in the fall throuhgout spring so expect to be busy essentially a month after being hired.

Please include this with your resume 

1. A charcteristic you have that will help you excel in this position.  This can be anything, but pelase explain.

2. What is your restaurant experience, if you have none...explain to use why we should give you a chance to learn on the job...

3.  What is the last Book you read?

4.  What is your favorite restaurant anywhere in the entire world?

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