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Scottsdale, AZ
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  • Employment Type
    Part Time / Full Time
  • Compensation
    $12.00 - $15.50 Hourly + Tips
  • Perks / Benefits
    Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401K / Retirement, Employee Discounts, Meal Plan / Free Food

We seek amazing Breadheads! All roles available in the restaurant.  Line Cooks work various stations in our Kitchens, preparing delicious plates to order. Our Cashier Breadheads take orders, run food and ensure our guests have a great experience. Our Dishwashers keep everything clean and sanitary! 

While we value prior restaurant experience, we're really interested in hiring people with a passion for delicious food and hospitality who provide the BEST EXPERIENCE PERIOD! 

In addition to a great hourly rate +  tips, we offer a meal discount and a free bowl of soup while on shift, medical and 401K benefit eligibility, and paid time off! 

About Wildflower - Scottsdale North

We've been in business more than 21 years thanks to the hard work and commitment of our Breadheads. We strive for excellence every time, every day! We have a strong culture of respect, direct feedback, and a commitment to coach. Breadheads discover the "Wildflower Way" by completing a cultural passport in their first 5 weeks of work. 

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