Prep Cook + Garde Manger
at Beacon | Echo ParkLos Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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    Part Time / Full Time
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    $12.73 Hourly + Tips
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    Employee Discounts, Meal Plan / Free Food, Ask Us!

We are looking for an ambitious Prep Cook / Garde Manger candidateto assist in the preparation and execution of delicious and aesthetically pleasing cold line dishes. You’ll perform routine kitchen tasks such as prepping your workstation and assembling dishes to order. A great candidate will be quick, diligent and willing to improve on the job. 


  • Follow the prep list created by Chef to plan duties
  • Label and stock all ingredients on shelves and in fridges so they can be organized and easily accessible.
  • Measure ingredients and seasonings to be used in cooking.
  • Prepare cooking ingredients by washing and chopping vegetables, cutting meat etc.
  • Prepare a wide variety dishes such as toast, sandwiches, salads, tartines, and the occasional Acai bowl.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly kitchen by washing dishes, sanitizing surfaces, taking out trash etc.
  • Comply with nutrition, dietary restriction, and sanitation guidelines.
  • Perform other kitchen duties as assigned.


  • A team player with great communication skills
  • Patient with an ability to stay positive under pressure
  • Garde Manger experience (+)
  • Cold Line experience (+)
  • Knowledge of health and safety rules in a kitchen
  • Basic knife skills and sanitation knowledge.
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