Business Manager

The Waterfront Venice Los Angeles, CA
  • $60K Annual Salary
  • Part Time / Full Time
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  • Employer Unlikely to Respond

 The Waterfront / Boardwalk Tacos

JOB DESCRIPTION: Business Manager

REPORTS TO: General Manager

SUMMARY: The Business Manager is responsible for managing the business functions of the Restaurant and how these business functions relate to the efficiency of each department (financial performance, service, etc). The Business Manager will be expected to organize the business and train each Manager or Department Lead to follow the protocols the Business Manager puts into place. The Business Manager will be expected to prioritize these responsibilities during the day, and assume floor/service responsibilities, as needed, during evening and/or weekend service, as needed.

DEPARTMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: HR, Administration, Payroll, Business Office



  • Daily Cash Forecast
  • Review bank balance(s)
  • com
  • Monitor NVB credit card line
  • Monitor FRB line of credit
  • Maintain payroll amount owed daily
  • Move sales tax to segregated account
  • Purchase approval process
  • “Understanding big picture” of business
  • Loomis Cash Vault
  • Relationship management
  • Manage change for daily banks
  • Match cash drop with FRB bank balance
  • Tips
  • Maintain daily tips worksheet and match to relevant schedules
  • Ops Statement and Service Contracts
  • Prepare Ops Statement
  • Create and maintain list of vendors and service contracts (or not formal contracts but ongoing costs – for example Staples/Amazon) and ensure all contact and billing information is correct
  • Return of deposits for certain vendors (SoCalGas, LADWP, etc)
  • Interest Payments
  • Maintain schedule of loans
  • Ensure loan payments are made timely and correctly
  • Tax Filings
  • Sales tax
  • Employer payroll
  • Personal property
  • Business license
  • Annual LLC filing / fee
  • com
  • Determine schedule of bill payment
  • Vendor management
  • Respond to any email received at bill@thewaterfrontvenice.com
  • Mis en Place
  • Relationship management
  • Review of weekly GL
  • Schedule monthly accounting meeting
  • CTUIT and Toast
  • Ensure integration and ensure numbers match
  • Revenue center mapping oversight
  • Management reports
  • Toast menu updates, including pricing accuracy
  • CTUIT dashboard management
  • Credit Card Sales Management
  • Daily check of sales and amounts received (FRB)
  • Negotiate credit card commission rate with Toast
  • Monitor and handle chargebacks
  • Invoice Management
  • Coding
  • Send to bill.com
  • Manual check log
  • Insurance
  • Manage NVB insurance policies (workers comp, EPLI, property/liability/excess umbrella, RRI, cyber) and ensure policies are up to date and paid current
  • Manage NVB health insurance vendor relationship, policies, cost, enrollment levels
  • Schedule quarterly meetings with management team and NVB insurance vendors to review coverages
  • HR
  • Ensure all employee files are correct and up to date
  • Train all department managers to keep employee files are correct and up to date
  • Formalize hiring and firing process & procedure and train all department managers follow protocol
  • Update of Employee Manual
  • Raines Feldman relationship management
  • Schedule formal contact with Raines Feldman to control HR legal costs
  • Nurse on Call program management, including training all department managers on process & procedures
  • Lease Management
  • Ensure compliance with lease covenants
  • Lease rental payments increase dates
  • Service contracts required to be provided to partners
  • Tax / CAM payments
  • Payroll
  • Manage and process bi-weekly payroll
  • Maintain payroll changes with Paylocity
  • Payroll reconciliation to FRB
  • Review labor costs with relevant department managers
  • Permits and Licenses
  • Maintain all NVB licenses and permits
  • Business Office Management
  • Order supplies
  • Copy machine
  • Collect and process mail
  • Finance calendar of key due dates
  • Respond to any email received at admin@thewaterfrontvenice.com
  • Dropbox Management
  • Develop dropbox architecture and ensure that all department managers follow process & procedures
  • NVB Credit Card
  • Manage credit card including auto-billing
  • Coding
  • Daily review and credit line management

Operational Responsibilities

  • Floor/Service shifts
  • Ensure positive guest service outcomes. Respond to complaints by taking appropriate actions to turn dissatisfied guests into return guests
  • Oversee standards:
  • Hiring: new hire onboarding documentation, Employee Handbook and Kendr introduction, CTUIT management, HR/Payroll/Workers Comp documentation management and related employee questions
  • Termination: documentation management
  • Work with department managers to continually improve Department checklists
  • Ensure a safe working and guest environment to reduce the risk of injury and accidents. Completes accident reports promptly in the event that a guest or employee is injured. Train department managers on safety protocol including Nurse on Call program
  • Personnel/payroll related administrative duties are completed accurately, on time and in accordance with company policies and procedures


Professionalism & Inclusiveness

Shows respect for people (peers, employees; vendors and guests). Promotes the Restaurant’s “Open Door Policy” of communication. Sets the standard for appropriate attire and is well groomed. Always presents and represents the company in professional, courteous and respectful manner (guests, team members, and vendors)

Managing & Developing People

Coaches, evaluates, develops, inspires; sets expectations, recognizes achievements, manages conflict, aligns performance goals with company goals, provides feedback, group leadership; delegates

Stewardship of Product Excellence

Demonstrates integrity, accountability and efficient stewardship of the Restaurant’s brand ideals and products. Does not accept compromise in regard to product quality and systems. Maintains a full and comprehensive expertise of all policies & procedures and food/beverage quality specifications

Problem Solving / Decision Making

Problem solving - identifies problems, involves others in seeking innovative, simple solutions, conducts appropriate analyses, searches for best solutions; responds quickly to new challenges. Decision making - makes clear, consistent, transparent decisions; acts with integrity in all decision making; distinguishes relevant from irrelevant information and makes timely decisions

Strategic Planning and Organizing

Understands big picture and aligns priorities with broader goals, measures outcomes, uses feedback to change as needed, evaluates alternatives, solutions oriented, seeks alternatives and broad input; can see connections within complex issues


Connects with peers, subordinates and customers, actively listens, clearly and effectively shares information, demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills. Consistently follows-through with CTUIT, email and efficiently uses all other communication tools


Accepts responsibility for own work; develops trust and credibility; demonstrates honest and ethical behavior


Cooperates and collaborates with colleagues as appropriate; works in partnership with others. Personally sets the standard for team behaviors and doing “whatever it takes” to create a consistent great work and guest experience

Service Focus

Recognizes, rewards and emphasizes our commitment to guest service excellence. Personally sets the example with adherence to Restaurant standards and procedures

Fairness & Consistency

Treats all team members fairly and consistently (including providing positive reinforcement, rewards, and discipline). Follows Restaurant policy strictly and consistently as it relates to employee discipline (all employees to be treated the same, fairly, and all disciplinary actions must be followed through via CTUIT documentation)

Accountability & Follow-Through

Can be relied upon to complete tasks and fulfill obligations. Keeps the General Manager promptly and fully informed of all issues and takes prompt corrective actions where necessary or suggests alternative courses of actions. Completes job responsibilities and performance objectives in a timely and effective manner and in accordance with Restaurant policies and procedures.

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