Hotcakes Bakes Los Angeles, CA
  • $12.00 Hourly
    + Tips
  • Part Time
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Hotcakes Bakes is looking for someone who wants to work in a tight knit team and is excited about the opportunity to learn and grow in a fast paced environment.


Bakery Counter employees are responsible for greeting and serving walk-in customers desserts a la carte. The position also requires employees to take custom cake orders from customers either in person, over the phone, or through email. Employees must pay close attention to detail for all orders, and ensure that the orders are written in an efficient way so that everyone in the bakery can understand.

The position also requires prep work, coffee/espresso drink work, and minor decorating such as piping a message on a cake. Barista experience is a plus as well as being an artistic soul!

This job is a good combination of server and office work. It combines the customer service skills of a food server job with the administrative skills of a receptionist or secretarial job. Applicants must have a general knowledge of each, and will gain the skills to excel in both fields once hired.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Ability to learn quickly

* Prior customer service experience is a must

* Computer savvy (Microsoft word, Apple Calendars, and Apple Mail)

* Effective oral communication skills

* Prior knowledge of commercial food safety - a California ServSafe certificate will be required either upon or after hiring

* Strong interpersonal skills

* Strong organizational skills

* Ability to work as part of a team

* Great attention to detail

* Ability to follow detailed directions and store policies

* Sunny disposition

* Valid driver's license

Hotcakes Bakes is a quick-service establishment whose goal is to make our customers feel like they are in a relaxed bakery/restaurant. While there are many different positions at Hotcakes, all of which of equal importance, our employees treat the whole bakery as their responsibility.

We never want to hear the words "That's not my job."'

Staff is expected to be at work on time to their scheduled shifts, to maintain a professional appearance, and to be friendly and welcoming to guests and co-workers at all times.

If you are responding via email please write a paragraph about why you should be considered for this position and attach your resume.

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