AI Tech - Part TIme

Goldsboro Milling Company Goldsboro, NC
  • Depends on experience
  • Part Time
  • Employer Likely to Respond

Primary Purpose of Organizational Unit

 Artificial insemination is commonly used in the commercial swine industry.  It is the technology that allows us to collect semen from a single male and dilute it to suitable concentrations for proper breeding of many females.  This allows 1 boar to successfully breed 15-30 sows, resulting in financial savings.  As a result, we at Maxwell Farms are committed to this technology and use it as an effective means of daily breeding at our corporate and contract sow farms.

Duties and Responsibilities

Major duties on an AI farm include but are not limited to:

  • Collection of semen
  • Examining of specimen and determining appropriate density and motility
  • Labeling, quality checking and record keeping
  • Observation and recording of boar conditions
  • Assuring feed and water are readily available to all animals
  • Examining animals for disease as well as general well-being of animals,
  • Administer vaccinations and medications,
  • Clean and maintain animal housing areas as well as lab area
  • The ability to perform duties related to livestock reproduction as previously stated.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Conditions

The employee will be working in the barn with the boars, as well as in the lab. Moderate level of livestock noise may require hearing protection at times.  Personal protective equipment that will be provided and will be required during different tasks are safety glasses, cutting boards, hearing protections, gloves, and protective masks.


The operations follow strict protocols to maintain its high health program.   Managers and associates must constantly be watchful that no disease is introduced into the farms.  People, animals, supplies, maintenance workers, grass cutters, electricians and anything or anyone that comes to the farm is a possible risk. Upon arrival at farm employees and guest must shower-in to the facility and put on the clothes and shoes provided at the farm.  Upon completing work at the farm the employee must leave the dirty clothes at the farm and shower-out.  At this time they will put their personal clothes back on.

Physical Demands

  • Regularly lift items ranging in both size and weight.
  • Employee is required to stand for extended periods, stoop, kneel, crouch, reach or extend arms, and walk regularly.
  • Employee must be able to spend up to two hours at a time performing repetitive motions and frequently lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Movement, handling, and one on one contact with the livestock is required daily.  When the employee is in the collection pen with the boar, they need to be somewhat agile; because it is a more confined area with limited exit opportunities.

Education/ Experience

  • Experience as deemed necessary


  • Employee is to be available and assume any other duty as assigned. Weekends and holidays are required workdays in this division.
  • Employee should be available to work 3 of the 5 primary production days in the week, until at least 11am. (Primary Production days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)
  • We do work with college class schedules as long as the classes will work with the above criteria.

Goldsboro Milling was founded in 1916 originally for the Feed Milling business. In the late 1950’s it expanded its operations into the turkey industry, growing and producing turkeys and eggs ultimately completing the first hatchery by 1967. In the late 1980’s the company diversified operations in the Swine industry and with this growth by September of 1988 a second Feed Mill began production to meet new company feed demand. In the fall of 1991 the company was presented with an opportunity in the local grain, buying and storage market, securing this acquisition with the purchase of Goldsboro Milling Grain. In 2005 the company further diversified its farming operations and ventured into the Blueberry Farming business. 2006 was a year of further growth with the opportunity to extend the company’s reach by entering a new market with operations in Indiana. In concert with the company swine operations, the company manages a 1100 brood cow herd, producing 1000 calves annually.

Today the family is one of the principal owners of Butterball LLC., the largest turkey producer in the United States and is the 10th largest swine producer in the United State as well as actively investing in land and timber amongst other business ventures. At Goldsboro Milling Company and Affiliates animal welfare is of primary importance. Service personnel, technical experts and staff are trained and certified regularly and by adhering to these guidelines the company is able to produce a product that consumers feel confident will be safe and nutritionally superior. We are proud and stand behind our product and if you would like to be a part of a great team and work with people who care, please join our team today.

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