Lunch Bartender / Weekend Barback
at Goldie's LA
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
posted 12/22/2017 in
  • Employment Type
    Full Time
  • Compensation
    $11.00 Hourly

Popular restaurant / bar is looking for a new barback / lunch bartender to join the team. This position is a great entry level job to learn a sophisticated cocktail list, the previous person has moved on to night bartending after three months in the position. 

Must be able to work 11:00am - 5:00pm as a lunch bartender three days a week and then barback on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

We are a casual restaurant that prides itself on it's craft cocktails and quality farm to table restaurant. We are Australian owned and operated and love friendly and personable servers who can fit in to our laidback but professional ethos. 

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Hiring Manager
Robert Chislett
General Manager