Fundraising and Leadership Training

Charity Advertising and Marketing Partners Dallas, TX
  • $400.00 - $800.00 Weekly
    + Bonuses
  • Full Time
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Charity Advertising and Marketing Partners is continuing to expand our national and international teams.  We are providing an opportunity for individuals to join one of the top leaders in face-to-face and fundraising, promotions and sales organizations in the country.

Corporate Culture: Building a welcoming and collaborative environment where our teams can thrive. We believe that in a positive environment individuals learn more and feel more comfortable asking questions.  We get to know individuals on a one-on-one basis to provide the best training for each team member.  

Integrity: Upholding the best version of ourselves and our teams personally and professionally as the face of Charity Advertising and Marketing Partners, our clients, and our charity partners.

Opportunity:  Providing individual self-paced growth programs each team member moves forward at their individual pace and is provided a mentor to help with the progress.  Our goal is to make each person the best version of themselves.  If you change yourself, you can then change those around you, then the community, and finally the world. 

Charity Advertising and Marketing Partner 

This role is meant for entry level and entrepreneurial minded individuals.  We want team members who are leaders,  ready to take on a new adventures while wanting to   improve themselves and help others.  

We will be the face of some amazing organizations, like UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Wounded Warrior Project,  just to name a few of our Non-Profits and NGOs.   We want to contribute positively and help dramatically.  

If chosen members of the Charity Advertising and Marketing Partner's team will:

  • Travel between 15% and 25% of the time testing markets and gaining leadership skills 
  • Lean and teach the skills of fundraising and leadership to others.
  • Build indispensable life skills as you travel with your team across the nation.
  • Inspire communities to get involved and make a difference. 

Ideal Candidates have:

  • A Passion for Travel and Adventure
  • A Positive mindset
  • Are a Team Player
  • A desire to work and interact with people
  • A Desire and Drive to Succeed
  • Determined Work Ethic
  • An ability to preform at a high-level
  • Leadership Skills


  • Leadership and Personal Development
  • Paid Domestic/International Travel Opportunities
  • Diverse and Inclusive Corporate Culture
  • Base Salary and Competitive Bonus Structure

We are a direct promotional, marketing, and sales firm dedicated to improving team members to be cross trained and moved into leadership and management roles. Team Members gain experience in marketing and sales through events, promotions, product launches, and demonstrations.

Our focus is to grow the team and promote growth for our clients and our company. We represent some of the largest non-profit organizations and charities worldwide as well as several Fortune 500 companies. Our unique and innovative approach to marketing our clients' services has afforded us explosive growth within a highly competitive industry. Our mission is to create lucrative partnerships through a personal commitment to profitability for our clients and employees worldwide.

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