Marketing  / Sales Associate - Full Time - Training Provided

Charity Advertising and Marketing Partners Dallas, TX
  • $40K Annual Salary
    + Bonuses
    + Commission
  • Full Time
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Marketing  / Sales Associate - Full Time - Training Provided

(This is NOT a digital marketing, graphic design position, or a work from home)

Charity Advertising and Marketing Partners is a friendly but competitive company with high energy and driven team members.  We are looking for a new team member who also has  a performance driven mindset.  

 In this position, the team member will be working directly with our Assistant Marketing Managers, our Campaign Managers, and our CEO to learn how to use sales and marketing tools (including: the 4 "P's" of Marketing, Customer buying impulse factors, Salesforce, Excel and additional internal company and campaign tools).  

We pride the company on a hands on approach to training.  We show someone first how to do the task, then the job is done together, and then the trainee does the job with the trainer observing.  This system paired with continuous coaching opportunities, training classes, and online training develops our team members to be efficient and confident in representing our clients.   building leads, qualifying customers, and making sales.  Our company's sales and marketing training is a great "gateway" to prepare the new team member for any sales and leadership position they want in the future, with our company or in another.

Team Member Responsibilities:

  • Learning the sales cycle from start to finish 
  • Learning interpersonal communication techniques and systems to communicate effectively, including tips from our top sales team
  • Learning presentation skills to small, medium, and large groups.  This also includes presentations for our clients' customers
  • Learning how to work with a team, including team members from different backgrounds and cultures.  
  • Learning how to set and follow through with individual and team goals, both professionally and personally

The Ideal Direct Marketing and Sales Associate/Experience:

  • A background in the service industry, athletics, leadership, sales, direct marketing, or customer facing role  preferred but not required
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Comfortable interacting with people: our team, networking, or speaking with customers and clients
  • Having previous leadership experience (this includes group projects in school)
  • Enthusiasm, and a great work ethic

 Company Culture:

  • Friendly and Welcoming almost family like
  • Team-Oriented
  • Friendly Competition 
  • Performance Based 
  • Equal Opportunity
  • No corporate politics
  • Driven and Motivated team members

If you would like to start your career in an organic growth, fast-paced environment that promotes from within...then we want to hear from you!  We need someone dedicated to excelling within the position.

Send us a resume to be considered for the position. We look forward to hearing from you!

Some Details:

Job Types:  Full-time, Part-time, Internship (College credit is available) 

Pay:  Negotiable, but includes commissions or bonuses from sales on average $1,200 to $2,000 every two weeks. 

Additional Benefits

  • Bonuses, contests, and prizes
  • Trips/Travel/Retreats
  • Discount on client products
  • 90 Day waiting period may apply for Health and Vision benefits

Work Locations: (more locations available for transfer)

  • Dallas, Texas
  • RGV, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois 

We are a direct promotional, marketing, and sales firm dedicated to improving team members to be cross trained and moved into leadership and management roles. Team Members gain experience in marketing and sales through events, promotions, product launches, and demonstrations.

Our focus is to grow the team and promote growth for our clients and our company. We represent some of the largest non-profit organizations and charities worldwide as well as several Fortune 500 companies. Our unique and innovative approach to marketing our clients' services has afforded us explosive growth within a highly competitive industry. Our mission is to create lucrative partnerships through a personal commitment to profitability for our clients and employees worldwide.

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