Seasonal Sous Chef

The Garland Los Angeles, CA
  • $50K - $55K Annual Salary
  • Temporary / Seasonal
  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401K / Retirement, Ask Us!, Employee Discounts
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

The Garland Hotel Job Description

Position:        Sous Chef

Department:  Culinary/Food and Beverage

Division:       Food and Beverage

 A unique neighborhood gathering place, The Front Yard, showcases LA's diverse flavors in a setting as casual and comfortable as an evening at an old friend's house. Come on over anytime and we'll set you a place around the table. 


Come lounge in the lobby and have a refreshing drink or enjoy your cocktail by the pool. The Lobby Bar features unique setting where you can meet and greet and start off a wonderful night.

Position Purpose:

Continually evolve all outlet menus and the skills of the staff members as required to produce. Maintenance of food and labor costs, and continual enforcement of set standards. Direct communication with sales and operations teams in order to continually exceed client standards. Direct management of all culinary and stewarding staff.

Essential Functions

  • Perform all functions of the Executive Chef in his/her absence.
  • Assist in the interview, hire, train, supervise, schedule, and participate in activities of chefs, cooks, and other personnel involved in preparing, cooking, and presenting food in accordance with productivity standards, cost controls, and forecast needs.
  • Oversee and structure a proper receiving format for daily deliveries from vendors into the kitchen.
  • Assist in the continual evolution menu items for all outlets based on current trends and product availability. Interact directly with clients for necessary special event planning, budgeting, and desired event execution.
  • Provide all materials/information necessary for line staff to succeed i.e. Menu Specifications, Recipes, Production Schedules
  • Develop, grow and maintain vendor relationships.
  • Oversee and confirm quality of all food leaving the kitchen, react as necessary
  • Ensure the maintenance sanitation and cleanliness standards of the kitchen
  • Provide an employee schedule recognizing volume requirements for increased/decreased staffing levels/ensure that minimum staffing requirements are met
  • Purchasing according to need based on volume
  • Employee discipline/action as the need arises
  • Ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding food sanitation and safety.
  • Report any necessary equipment maintenance to engineering for repair
  • Performs other functions as necessary i.e. VIP planning, Preconference Meetings, Staff Meetings

Job Requirements

  • Must demonstrate a skill set superior to that of all culinary employees
  • Able to react positively to fast paced work environment and high pressure situations.
  • Able to communicate effectively with supervisors and team members both in culinary and exterior departments of the hotel (specifically stewarding and service staffs).
  • Able to create and lead in a team orientated environment.
  • Able to read client orders, special requests, etc. from Micros printer in English.
  • Willing to accept verbal direction from the dining room, or exterior departments
  • Able to maintain a positive attitude and professional demeanor in all situations, especially those pertaining to client satisfaction.
  • Have thorough knowledge of equipment and food products utilized on a daily basis.
  • Be able to work long hours in a high stress work environment
  • Comfortable degree of dexterity for knife handling, prep work, etc.
  • Be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously

Specific Skills

  • Demonstrate leadership abilities and show extended commitment to culinary.
  • Supervise a large set of employees
  • Interact professionally and personably with clients should the need arise.
  • Demonstrate ability to manage time and multiple tasks
  • Ability to learn quickly and train staff members.
  • Adjust to difficult situations while maintaining leadership of crew.
  • Recognize product overages and assist in the planning of specials or staff menu to avoid waste.
  • Have thorough knowledge of product recognition, fabrication, and portioning i.e. comfortable handling whole fish, fabricating beef, etc.
  • Have thorough knowledge of stock and sauce production, soups, etc.
  • Show ability to work effectively on any shift and produce menu items pertinent to any service period or outlet.
  • Thorough ability to recognize flavors and adjust seasoning as necessary to maintain product consistency.
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