Brewer - Abigaile - Hermosa Beach, CA

Blackhouse Hospitality Group Hermosa Beach, CA
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The Brewmaster’s primary job is to keep the restaurant group on track with budgeted goals and on top of production for both in house and distribution. The Brewmaster is also responsible for implementing trends, product, etc. and assist in implementing and overseeing all in house and out of house changes regarding the brewing program within all concepts of Blackhouse Hospitality Management (BHM).  As a very high profile position, this person must match the quality of their work with their ability to communicate with internal staff as well at publically. Keeping said budgets and goals within line is the highest priority of the Brewmaster.


One of the main tasks of the Brewmaster is to put into action the company's vision and mission statements. They assist the entire FOH and BOH Team’s in providing hands on training regarding their product and as well as the overall brewing program.  The Brewmaster will also review all aspects of the brewery monthly along side management. A list of said duties of these are listed are below for clarification but not exclusive to.

  • Planning the overall in-house beer menu
  • Adjusting the menu accordingly in terms of seasonal items
  • Managing all aspects of the brewing process from start to finish including product release
  • Developing beer presentation and product release
  • Pricing of the product; menus for in house and out of house distribution
  • Effective coordination / management of all brewery related activities both in and out of house
  • Ensuring that safety and hygiene standards are maintained in the brewery
  • Purchases and making requisitions
  • Ensuring that all brewery equipment is thoroughly cleaned and polished
  • Making sure that excess ingredients are properly stored
  • Health Code enforcement and proper safety measures
  • Work with management on social media and the proper information being released about the product
  • Monitoring and ordering gas as needed

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

The Brewmaster will embody the resources and knowledge of the set forth management principles, brewing, cost control, accounting and human resource policies along with state regulations and norms pertaining to the business. They should also have in-depth knowledge of all the company policies and procedures. The Brewmaster is responsible for the brewing program as a whole.   He/she should know how to budget company finances and resources.

The Brewmaster should have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the restaurant operations as it’s key to providing the best brewing program.

The nature of the job requires them to communicate with the Culinary Team, the onsite staff and management team, the Director of Operations and ownership, hence they need to have excellent communication skills. The Brewmaster needs excellent interpersonal skills, as they have to interact with not only in-house staff and management working to put forth a great and cohesive program but also clients including distributors to understand their requirements.

The Brewmaster will also be heavily involved in new menu design including staff meetings and training sessions to ensure effective implementation of new product.  They also will be heavily involved in planning of beer events such as beer releases, special happy hours, dinners, off-site events, and social media.

These skills are also necessary to effectively complete the tasks necessary to success:

  • Must be creative with recipes
  • Understand trends in craft beer
  • Creatively implement your vision into recipes/beer names
  • Should be able to work alone and in a team
  • Should be able to communicate effectively
  • Needs to have excellent management and organizational skills
  • Local Health Department and Food Safety Knowledge
  • Corresponding Labor Laws
  • Flexibility and ability to change course according to the needs of the ownership and guests

Our philosophy is based on preparing and serving creative and innovative experiences with love and respect for food and our customers. We embrace exploring food without boundaries, gimmicks or pretense. We believe one of life’s greatest sources of joy is what happens when people come together to share a meal.

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