Dishwasher / Prep COOKS
at Pho Saigon Pearl
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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  • Employment Type
    Part Time
  • Compensation
    $10.50 - $12.00 Hourly


Hip new Vietnamese restaurant located in the Fairfax / LA area: We are looking to hire individuals who are passionate about food & quality and people who care about providing a great experience for our guests and our team. Some restaurant and kitchen experience is a must but not a requirement. Must be willing to learn.

We're are a non-corporate environment but still need to cover the basics background, the applicant must be able to work days, occasional nights and weekends as necessary.  Ability to follow instruction a must. Applicants must enjoy a family, fun yet serious, friendly environment.

Again, we are seeking individuals with who are as committed as we are to providing a productive and clean kitchen to help us prep in the back kitchen.  please send us your resume.


We are seeking people who have the following:

・Some experience in the kitchen, willing to learn.

・passionate about their position

・seeking a company to grow with


・hard working

・enjoys working in the restaurant industry

If you are one of these people then please apply with us.

Here are some of the positions and we are looking to hire:

Kitchen Staff: (Prep / Dishwasher)  - Must have a positive attitude and the ability to work well in a fast paced environment. Some experience is a plus but not a requirement.  Must be a team player.  

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

Our menu is filled with the most FRESH ingredients & popular dishes straight from the city of Saigon, Vietnam.

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