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Manhattan Beach, CA
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CTRL Collective About Us / Our Approach

CTRL Collective was founded to inspire the entrepreneurial world with new ways of innovating and creating.

Our intensive focus is to curate EVERYTHING. From our members, partners, our locations, intentional thought is directed every step of the way.

Each location is designed to embrace the local culture & environment around it. How else could you expect to develop community within a location, if you’re ignoring what’s going on around it? We offer amenities that reflect the community from everything to an Art Studio, Virtual Reality Studio, Media Lab, Innovation Lab (for prototyping). We also have classes and events surrounding the trending and developing world around us.

We are not a coworking space, we are not an incubator, we are not an accelerator. We are a supercollider for brilliance, innovation, & excellence and we believe that the weaving of technology and community will change the conversation forever.

Goals and Objectives

o Create a collaborative environment amongst our members through events and personal introductions 

o Maintain 100% occupancy. Achieve sales target goals, and manage churn

o Ensure that building is fully operational and processes are running smoothly

o Effectively lead a team to ensure a healthy and growing community

o Maintaining company standards and expectations

Duties and Responsibilities

● Manage a team of 2+ to reach goals and execute on their objectives as an individual and a team

● Manage all building operations and communicate with market support to ensure highest level of member


● Develop community initiatives designed to create connections between members, including member

introductions, overseeing events, electronic and print communications, and building walkthroughs

● Analyze cleaning tickets to improve building and zone performance

● Produce comprehensive quality control reports that allow all stakeholders to improve the member experience

● Maintain 90 point or above monthly rating based on operational cleaning standard rating system

● Maintain all base building documents to ensure the data is updated

● Solve member related issues to ensure a cohesive community and manage member expectations

● Take responsibility for community dynamic

● Oversee events to ensure there is a good balance of educational, member appreciation, and trending relevant events.

● Conduct tours to work towards/maintain 100% building occupancy

● Work with your team to prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports that outline community and sales progress

● Encourage professional development within your team and make recommendations to promote current employees

●Engage in the larger city community by attending events and networking with local start-ups and organizations

● Building expenses management

● Ensure building and member safety as it relates to fire and emergency plans

● Oversee and keep team up to date with process changes

● Managing and maintaining relationships with vendors and landlords

● Oversee building team including performance management reviews

Experience and Requirements

● Customer service and/or sales experience required

● Business operations and/or project management required

● Must have strong verbal and written communication skills

● Understanding and experience managing a team of 2+ people

● Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills

● Demonstrate integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy

● Understanding for entrepreneurial communities

● Excellent interpersonal and problem solving skills

● Must have a positive oriented demeanor 

● Maintain professional under pressure

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

About CTRL Collective:

CTRL Collective is more than a coworking space. It is a creative campus that supports community and collaboration. We are a supercollider for brilliance, innovation, and excellence and we believe that the weaving of technology and community will change the conversation forever. CTRL Collective hosts state-of-the-art amenities, including a virtual reality lab and media editing facility. Education and training are also a cornerstone of CTRL Collective approach. We host numerous classes on such subjects as coding and design, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to facilitate creativity, ideas, community interaction, and, most of all, impact.

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