Fulfillment Manager

Montce Swim Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • $16.00 - $18.00 Hourly
  • Full Time
  • Health Insurance, Employee Discounts
  • Employer Very Unlikely to Respond

Job Description & Responsibilities

  1. Oversee that orders are fulfilled in the appropriate amount of time
    1. Inter-storeTransfer Orders (Assistant Manager Responsibility)
    2. Wholesale Orders and Reorders
      1. Ensure proper packaging requirements are followed per customer guidelines
    3. Online Orders
    4. Other Shipments
      1. Production
  1. Shipments to Seamstresses
  2. Fabric Samples
    1. Drop Ship Orders (Assistant Manager Responsibility)
      1. Couture Candy & Luxe Cartel
  1. Coordinate Pickups With Shipping Carriers quarterly
    1. FedEx Ground
    2. FedEx Express
    3. USPS
    4. Wholesale Order Pickups as needed
  2. Shipping & Packaging Staff
    1. Create Shipping Schedule
      1. Schedule enough staff that shipping gets completed daily
    2. Hire & Train Shipping Staff
      1. Necessary Shipping Procedures For Shipping Associates
  1. Filling Orders
  2. Packaging
  3. Creating Labels
  4. Organizing Backstock
    1. Track and analyze order fulfillment efficiency
      1. Speed
      2. Mistakes
  1. Strike policy with shipping associates
  1. Accessories Buying
    1. Work with lead buyer to purchase new products
    2. Receive stock and get items out for sale
      1. Online and in stores
    3. Replenishment
      1. Analyze online sales for reorders
      2. Communicate with store managers for their requests
  2. Manage Receiving Stock
    1. Pickup production from office when inventory has been received
    2. Count all incoming production
    3. Manager Sign off on inventory count sheets:
      1. Sign and return to Production Assistant (PA) if everything on the count sheet has been received
      2. If missing units after count:
  1. Confirm if it is a test fit piece
    • If the missing pieces are from a test fit:
      • Keep and follow up with PA weekly until test fit pieces have been received
      • Once received, return signed count sheet to PA
    • If the missing piece if not from a test fit:
      • Email production about missing units
    1. Put all incoming inventory in backstock
      1. Oversee that incoming inventory gets put into the store
  1. Back in Stock Emails (Assistant Manager Responsibility)
    1. Email customers about stock to push sales
  2. Closing Open Orders on Stitch
    1. Orders that are not closing due to inventory
      1. Correct inventory and close order
    2. Other Unclosed Orders:
      1. Confirm why the order is not closing and if it has been sent or resolved, close the order
  3. Back Office Organization
    1. Keep entire back office organized
      1. Oversee that the Shipping Associates complete the checklist daily
    2. Keep Backstock Organized
      1. Every Drawer Labeled
  1. Print + Style
  2. XS + S
  3. M + L
  4. AC
  5. XL
      1. Make sure everything is put into backstock correctly
  1. Laid Flat
  1. Laundry - Donna @ Office (Assistant Manager Responsibility)
    1. Oversee that laundry is completed
    2. Keep track of items brought to laundry
    3. Keep track of items brought back from laundry
  2. Drop Shipping Orders (Assistant Manager Responsibility)
    1. Send out all Couture Candy orders received that day
    2. Input all Couture Candy orders in Shopify
    3. Charge Couture Candy for all incoming orders via Shopify
    4. Manage Couture Candy returns
    5. Send new products to CC when new collections drop
    6. Oversee that only approved pieces are available on the CC website
  3. Manage Overnight Orders
    1. Oversee that all express orders get sent out the same day the order is printed
    2. Contact all Overnight and 2-Day orders that have MTO’s via phone the day the order is printed
  4. Manage MTO’s
    1. Contact customers when an item on their order is out of stock
      1. Handle exchanges and refunds due to MTO’s
    2. Check if HB has the item
      1. If HB has the item:
  1. If they have the whole order, send all items from HB
  2. If they only have the MTO piece, split the order into two shipments and notify the customer
      1. If HB does not have the item:
  1. Email customer about exchanging or receiving a refund
    • Encourage an exchange rather than a refund
  1. Manage Shipping Supplies & Reordering
    1. Mailers
    2. Packing Materials
      1. Poly Bags
      2. Montce Stickers
    3. Tape
    4. Labels
    5. Bikini Care Cards
    6. Black Suede Cards
    7. Any other supplies needed for the shipping team
  2. Customer Service
    1. Phone Support
    2. Live Chat (Not Yet Available)
  3. Organize Inventory Counts
    1. Quarterly
    2. All inventory counted is to be updated in Stitch that same day
  4. Spot Inventory Counts (Weekly)
    1. 3 Styles
      1. Items that are low stock
      2. Items that are best sellers
  5. Weekly High Stock / Do Not Post List
    1. Drop off at Ali’s every Monday
    2. Email to Hermosa
    3. Give to Jackie
    4. Attach in daily summary every Monday
  6. Wholesale Overstock Collection
    1. Update wholesale collection
    2. Based off of High Stock List for that week
    3. Update Weekly
  7. Fraudulent Orders
    1. Check Shopify daily when orders are printed to confirm there were no fraudulent orders received that day
    2. If an order has been flagged as fraud:
      1. Follow ‘Fraudulent Order Procedure’
  8. Custom Orders
    1. Only doing XXL
    2. Confirm with Production Manager before placing any custom orders
  9. Promos
    1. Weekly
      1. Send Ali & Devin Weekly Promo Email
  1. Possible Promos
  2. Promo Suggestions
  3. Budget Information
      1. Update Promo Chart
  1. Posted?
  2. Good/Bad Collab?
  3. Shipment Status
  4. Other Comments
      1. Drop off Promo Chart at Ali’s every Thursday by EOD
    1. Daily
      1. Ali will send all approved promos
      2. Send Promo Contract before shipping
  1. Ship when signed
      1. Confirm with Ali all pieces being sent
      2. Record all promos
  1. Stitch
  2. Promo Chat
      1. Package all promos
  1. Confirm with Ali what she wants the note inside the box to say
  2. If there is a minimal amount of pieces being sent use the frosted bags
  3. If sending a decent amount of pieces package in the pink promo boxes
  4. Send picture to Ali of packing before sending
      1. Create labels for promos being sent
  1. Confirm with Ali what shipping method to use
  2. Add tracking to promo chart
  3. Send tracking to recipient
      1. Add all promos sent that day to the promo chart
  1. Make sure to fill out all necessary columns on the promo chart
    1. PR
      1. Send all PR promo requests to Devin and Ali by text daily
  1. Make sure the instagram account links
  2. Include pieces selected for gifting
      1. If Approved:
  1. Make sure all pieces are in stock
    • If they are not in stock respond to the email from PR letting them know what we do not have stock of
  2. Create order on Stitch
    • Print and put in promo binder
      • Write PR on top of order
  1. Update PR tab in promo chart
  2. Create shipment
    • Email PR tracking
    • Add tracking to PR tab in promo chart
  1. Wholesale Reorders
    1. Britt will send all wholesale reorders that need to be fulfilled
    2. Fill the order
      1. confirm with Britt what we have stock of and what we are out of stock of
    3. Package the order         
      1. Confirm if there are any special packaging requirements for that wholesaler
    4. Ship the order
      1. Create label
      2. Oversee that it is picked up by the correct shipping carrier
      3. Send Britt tracking via email
  2. Wholesale
    1. Assist Britt with wholesale
      1. Filling
      2. Packaging
      3. Shipping
  3. Return Report
    1. Create the Refund Report via Shopify at the end of each month and send to Devin
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