Customer Service / Fulfillment Associate
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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  • Employment Type
    Full Time
  • Compensation
    $12.00 - $15.00 Hourly
  • Perks / Benefits
    Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401K / Retirement, Employee Discounts, Ask Us!

Basic Function:

Responsible for (1) processing and fulfilling ecommerce (i.e., direct to consumer online retail) sales orders, and (2) serves as in-house customer service for all customers. Works closely with all departments to manage product inventory, support all departments internally, and assist managers and owners in all internal operations.


  • Responsible for processing and fulfilling of ecommerce sales orders on time and with accuracy, including the direction, management and oversight of work to fulfillment team. Fulfillment responsibilities include:
    • Picking and packing orders
    • Packaging orders securely
    • Ship items using shipping software
    • Organize inventory efficiently for fulfillment productivity
    • Organize and maintain workshops inventory and records
  • Responsible for providing excellent customer service for all service issues and maintaining positive and professional relationship with all customers, whether in-store, face to face, or via email and phone. Maintain positive and professional relationships with all customers.
  • Responsible for processing reverse logistics (i.e., returns, refunds, and exchanges) and shipping issues for ecommerce customers, including:
    • Responding to customer emails timely and accurately
    • Processing returns timely
    • Refunding returns accurately
    • Filing paperwork for returns accurately using internal system
    • Tracking and follow up on shipping issues of orders
  • Maintaining accurate order and payment records, being the first filter for any suspicious or unwanted transactions. Evaluating internal fraud risk score system, and take action for quick resolution. Report to owners and managers on suspicious activity.
  • Create and maintain efficient work areas, including organization and management of inventory. Responsible for:
    • Helping to process in, maintaining and enforcing an accurate inventory system, using POS systems and online content management systems
    • Developing best practices for receiving and organizing inventory and product allocation for all stores
  • Flexibility in assistance of all departments, as necessary for a small company
  • Be a positive role model and leader within the company. Actively contributing and participating in the growth of the business and brand, working closely with owners to seek undiscovered opportunities.
  • Working closely with owners and executing as directed with all aspects of day to day operations pertaining to the maintenance and growth of the company.

Education and Training

  • Previous experience in related field/business
  • Bachelor’s degree a plus

Skills & Requirements:

  • Experience in Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Ability to multi-task, change rolls, and pivot within a dynamic and changing company
  • Highly focused and attention to detail a must
  • Excellent communication skills, positive attitude, and helpful demeanor a must
  • Creative, self motivated, and proactive
  • Must be able to lift at least 45 lbs
  • Must be willing work a flexible schedule based on business needs, workshops, special events, including evenings and weekends as necessary
  • Experience using Quickbooks and POS not necessary but is a plus
Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

Founded in 2003, Poketo is a lifestyle brand and purveyor of design-driven wares meant to instill art into everyday living. Over the years, Poketo has grown from an upstart creative enterprise to an online destination with three retail locations in Los Angeles: The Poketo Flagship in the Arts District of Downtown LA, Poketo at The LINE Hotel, and Poketo at Platform in Culver City. All locations regularly host art exhibitions, workshops, and more, acting as hubs for the local creative community. In addition to collaborating with over 200 international artists on exclusive products, Poketo has worked with notable companies and brands including Nike, MTV, SF MoMA, De Young Museum, Disney, Target, and Nordstrom. 

Learn more about us online at: http://www.poketo.com/pages/about

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