FOH Manager

Culver City Culver City, CA
  • $50K - $60K Annual Salary
  • Full Time
  • Ask Us!, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond


Role Priorities

  • Ensure Customer Service: “Make Every Moment Matter”
  • Clear and Constant communication to Staff regarding Service Standards
  • Consistent Quality in Service, Food, and Presentation
  • Sales and Profit Driven Focus
  • Assist the GM in meeting Company Financial Goals
  • Effective Communication with Management, Co-Workers Subordinates, and Customers
  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness and organization within the location
  • Responsible for the Health and Safety of Co-Workers and Customers
  • Understand, Follow, and Train staff regarding Food Safety and Food Handling Requirements
  • Provide and Promote Teamwork

Role Requirements

  1. Completely certified as H1-H4, HE STL
  2. Must be fluent in English
  3. Must have an ‘Of Service” Mind-Set
  4. Must be a people-person, kind, respectful, a self-motivator, have a cheerful disposition, out-going, enthusiastic and be tolerant of close contact with other people
  5. Unexpired California Food Handlers Certification
  6. Able to total bills, accept payment, accurately handle cash and credit card transactions
  7. Able to compile daily financial reports

Position Responsibilities and tasks

  • Maintain high standards of food, service, and health & safety
  • Adhere to Uniform Standards (Correct, Clean, and Professional) at all times
  • Combine strategic planning, organizing shifts patterns, and day-to-day management activities to achieve the highest efficiency and profitability.
  • Compliance; Monitor, Resolve, and Educate Safe Working Habits, Adhere to Labor Laws, Monitor and provide a Safe working environment free of Harassment, Safety Concerns and Payroll Duties.
  • Protect the company from all liability. Be proactive in acknowledging, communicating and resolving issues in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the entire operation of the restaurant during the scheduled shift
  • Manage staff throughout the shift and provide clear and constant feedback
  • Ensure all employees adhere to the company’s uniform standards
  • Meeting and greeting Customers and organizing table reservations
  • Dealing with customer complaints and employee issues in a positive way
  • Check stock levels and order supplies
  • Provide support in all areas of the restaurant when circumstances dictate
  • Effectively Recruit, Onboard, Train, and Motivate Staff while minimizing Turnover
  • Follow all Meal and Rest Break Requirements
  • Co-ordinate Takeout, Delivery orders as well as Catering Events
  • Work with the Kitchen Manager and/or Lead Cook to ensure recipe consistency
  • Control waste, adhere to earth friendly principles
  • Other duties as assigned 

Typical working conditions          

  • Predominantly standing and walking
  • Repeat the same physical activities, such as but not limited to serving Food and Beverages
  • Respond quickly in a demanding environment while staying Calm and Professional
  • Close contact with other people
  • Work indoors, but may work in outdoor serving areas
  • Occasional bending, kneeling, and lifting (approximately up to 30 lbs)-Ask for HELP
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