Massage Therapist

Mr. and Ms. Day Spa Long Beach, CA
  • compensation depends on experience
    + Tips
    + Commission
  • Contract
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Looking for a motivated, licensed massage therapist wanting to build their own business out of our facility.  We have been open since 1996 and generate new and returning clients who are searching for a therapist that can meet their needs.  This means you don't have to already have built your clientele, but can grow your business.  

Our facility is open 7 days a week (Monday - Friday 10 to 9 and Saturday/Sunday 10 to 6).    You determine your schedule based on room availability.     

This is an independent contractor relationship.  Therapists that contract out of our facility receive payment directly from their clients.  You will have access to desk support and a professional linen service for a fee if you choose the support.   

You determine what services you do and how you do them.  You will be surrounded by other professionals that are serious minded.   The energy is positive and supporting.  Our facility also contracts with skin care specialists and we have a chiropractor and life coach.          

Thank you for your interest!

Very supportive enviornment that allows you to build a successful business.  

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