Massage Therapist

Mr. and Ms. Day Spa Long Beach, CA
  • compensation depends on experience
    + Tips
    + Commission
  • Contract
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Looking for a motivated, licensed massage therapist that truly cares about helping, connecting with and building clients.    Our facility has been open 23+ years which means you will have client flow.   We have 11 massage rooms and 3 skin care rooms along with  chiropractic space.   We are located in a busy retail center (Marshall's/In N Out) with parking.

We are open 7 days a week (Monday - Friday 10 to 9 and Saturday/Sunday 10 to 6).    Schedule is based on your availability and open space at our location.   

Compensation:  This is an independent contractor relationship and typically we begin that relationship with a 40/60 split, but more experienced therapists may retain a higher split.  You will have access to desk support and a professional linen service for a very small fee ($3.00 per one hour completed).  This means you don't have to provide and clean your own linen AND it means you have someone always actively booking you clients!  

Most clients prefer a therapeutic style with spa touches so if you like fixing people you'll be happy with the type of clientele the facility generates.     

Therapists like contracting with us because they get to be themselves!  That means you do the services you want to do the way you want to do them.   They also like that it's a small, family run business where everyone is treated with value.  The energy is positive and supporting.   

Thank you for your interest in our spa:)

Very supportive enviornment that let's you be you.  You are in business for yourself, but with help and clients!!!  

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