Team Member

Flame Broiler Santa Ana, CA
  • $11.50 - $14.00 Hourly
    + Bonuses
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Meal Plan / Free Food, Employee Discounts
  • Employer Unlikely to Respond

The Flame Broiler, a Korean-inspired, healthy, quick-service restaurant is looking for team members at our Santa Ana location!

Restaurant experience a plus, but having a great attitude, solid communication skills, and positive work ethic is important.

This is a rather unique location in that our operating hours are 10:30am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. As such, potential applicants must be available from at least 10:30am - 3:00pm Monday through Friday.

This position will have an emphasis on the kitchen, but you will know and serve at all areas of the restaurant

Job Duties:


  • Cooking and preparing ingredients (ie: cutting vegetables, preparing rice, charbroiling meats/protein)
  • Appropriately adjusting preparation based on current and anticipated customer volume
  • Working with other team members to ensure preparation is completed for that day, and for the future
  • Washing dishes and maintaining back-of-house cleanliness

Front-of-House (Assembly Line)

  • Completing recipes/bowls, while adjusting for any customer preferences
  • Monitoring food ingredient levels at all times
  • Maintaining accurate portion control to management's standards
  • Maintaining proper food handling standards 

Front-of-House (Customer Experience)

  • Providing a warm and friendly experience to each The Flame Broiler customer
  • Ensuring all customer areas are cleaned and maintained
  • Ensuring all customers areas are stock (ie: forks, napkins, lids)

The Ideal Candidate Will:

  • Be able to perform the basic functions of the job
  • Be able to develop great relationships with all other team members, as well as with the customers
  • Listen well and speak clearly to other team members and guests
  • Always have a positive and energetic attitude
  • Have the ability to adapt to changing customer volume levels and store business, with a sense of urgency
  • Be able to accurately follow recipes and general guidelines
  • Be able to seamlessly transition between front-of-house and back-of-house duties during peak hours
  • Be able to lift up to 25lbs consistently
  • Be able to firmly grasp tools/utensils (knives, scoops, mops, etc.)
  • Have the ability to communicate in the primary language(s) of the work location
  • Be available between, at minimum, 10:30am - 3:00pm, M-F
  • Have a high school diploma
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