Westside Dogs LA is looking for Part-Time Professional Pet Sitters to join our team!
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Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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    Part Time
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    $40.00 Shift + Tips
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As you know, many clients value their vacation and alone time. Because of this, overnights are a big need for our dog owning clients! 

Since we don’t have an actual facility to take on the amount of overnights that are requested consistently from our clients, we have allowed our employees to do the overnights at their home.

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of services to our clients by providing an excellent presentation and communication skills, and would love for you to contribute to this excellence!

Candidate Requirements include:

· Love of dogs and have experience working with them, including being comfortable with all breeds and sizes!

· Understanding the client's needs and preferences with a commitment to providing a superior level of care.

· Flexible schedule, including being available for assignments Monday through Friday, Weekends & Holidays

· Must live on the Westside! (Marina Del Rey/Playa Vista/Santa Monica/Culver City, etc.)

· Have a valid California Drivers License and own a reliable vehicle, including current registration, safety checks & auto insurance *Mileage is refundable, that’s right!*

· U.S. Citizen with clean criminal background

Apply and include your previous pet care experience today!

We’re excited to hear from you!

Thank you!

*Not currently accepting phone calls; please apply online. 

*All potential applicants will be screened for a background check.

*All staff are required to sign a non-compete letter. 

So, WELCOME to the FAMILY! And, ENJOY the comradery!

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

 Who are we?

At Westside Dogs LA, we have a culture that’s very different from other Pet Service companies. We truly believe that all of our co-workers are part of our family. This belief is shown true with consistent communication, flexibility with employees schedules when “life events” come up, and just the pure care we have for each other. With this demeanor, we truly care about our clients, as well. We believe that caring about others is the key to anyone’s success, which is encapsulated in truly caring about what you do, as well. Our consistent communication and detail-oriented style is not only based on company protocol, but on the fact that we care about our clients and want the best for their pup. This means knowing exactly what’s going on with their “children” at all times. When you become a part of Westside Dogs LA, you become a part of our family; a family of giving, caring and warm individuals who care about animals, but also truly care about all of the other employees. We are a team. We are a family. 

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