Director of Marketing

TAO Chicago Chicago, IL
  • compensation depends on experience
    + Bonuses
  • Full Time
  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Ask Us!
  • Employer Fairly Likely to Respond

  • Conceive and drive the marketing strategy and planning for a wide array of Tao Chicago
  • Possess strong relationships in entertainment, media, fashion, and other luxury segments that drive our business
  • Possess a strong grasp of the dining and nightlife landscape
  • Serve as the key liaison between ownership, senior management, venue level operations teams, and partners to ensure all marketing efforts are being executed at the highest level
  • Manage a robust team of traditional marketing personnel, sponsorship managers, digital marketing experts, and creative people to drive citywide initiatives
  • Manage annual marketing budgets for the individual properties with monthly reporting and ROI recaps provided to ownership
  • Oversee and drive planning around an annual calendar of key activations at all outlets including but not limited to: all major national holidays, key cultural moments in Chicago etc.
  • Oversee our graphics department to ensure that all marketing collateral is produced to the highest standards.
  • Work closely with the event sales team, enabling them to meet their objectives by providing and generating tools and materials.
  • Provide on-site event support where necessary
  • Overseeing Marketing Department; activities include:

    • Develops and recommends short and long term revenue strategies, including sales and marketing plans and goals.

    • Works collaboratively with promotions department team leaders to strategize, and make recommendations to meet market changes or competitive threats.

    • Monitors master event calendar to ensure special events are properly scheduled and to ensure no discrepancies.

    • Ensures that management, sales, host, street, promoter, administrative teams all receive accurate information as pertains to upcoming marketing initiatives and has adequate resources for proper promotion and distribution.

    • Checks all onsite media assets for consistency and correct collateral.

    • Monitors and reviews all nightly summaries and reports for any information that may pertain to the marketing department and implement any changes where necessary.

    • Supervises Marketing Office Manager and Marketing Office Administrative Assistants to ensure: o Highest level of service for guests/clients (phone and emails).

    o Weekly emails sent to GGP/hotel employees updating future events and promotions.

    o Generation of all admission tickets and delivery to the venue nightly.

    o Generation of drink tickets and delivery to the venue nightly.

    o All guest lists, memo updates, beach lists and reservations generated daily.

    o Ensure that promoter tally reports are generated and sent daily.

    o Random audits and spot checks to ensure accuracy of promoter tally information.

    • Makes staffing and hiring decisions within marketing department as well as monitor schedule to ensure no overtime or excess hours.

    • Measures and evaluates staff performance via employee reviews and takes corrective actions when necessary.

    • Sets expectations and standards for marketing team to create productive and positive work environment.

    • Reviews administrative assistant payroll submitted to Human Resources by Marketing Office Manager.

    • Manages budgets & quality controls as directed by corporate office.

    • Identifies and implements cost-cutting methods where applicable.

    • Reviews and signs off on invoices relating to the department.

    Overseeing Graphics Department activities including:

    • Creates monthly and daily task schedule to ensure assigned projects are completed by given deadlines.

    • Conceptualizes and gives creative direction for design of all special event collateral (printed and electronic), advertising, billboards, printed fliers, email blasts, invitations, step and repeat boards, rack cards, etc.

    Checks all marketing materials for consistency and correct verbiage including, but not limited to business cards, advertisements, menus, etc.

    • Conceptualizes and creates capabilities proposals and sales kits (both printed and electronic) for TAO Group properties for sales & marketing teams (including hosts and promoters).

    • Submits all advertisements to media partners.

    Source, plan, and execute special events activities including:

    • Works with various partners, both local and national to create on-site activation (Us Weekly, Vegas Conceptualize, plan and execute contests driven to attract local demographic

    • Monitors local convention/expo event calendars to source possible leads and partnerships.

    • Works with Entertainment Marketing Department to conceptualize and execute celebrity/media driven events.

    • Creates, coordinates, and executes all BEO’s that pertain to the marketing department.

    Oversee public relations efforts including:

    • Reviews all press releases for distribution to media outlets.

    • Works with retained public relations outlets to ensure proper media coverage for events (booking photographers, etc).

    • Ensures that public relations outlets are maximizing media opportunities including but not limited to: photo/film shoots, calendar listings, feature inclusion in print and online, television coverage inclusion, etc.

    Contracting and vendor sourcing duties including:

    • Negotiates, executes necessary contracts. Invoicing and travel for all Special Event DJs (TAO DJs, etc).

    • Reviews celebrity contracts executed by Entertainment Marketing Department.

    • Reviews on-location agreements submitted by public relations outlets for photo and film shoots.

    • Reviews media agreements (insertion order for print advertisements, etc).

    • Sources and negotiates pricing with various vendors including, but not limited to: o Print services partners

    o Décor and design partners for special events

    o Video editing services

    Oversee internet integrated initiatives including:

    • Reviews TAO website, Facebook, and all web partner sites to ensure that weekly events are updated.

    • Reviews various hospitality/service oriented and travel websites to ensure that TAO Group information is accurate and consistent.

    • Conceptualizes weekly email blasts to TAO Group database and for VIP Hosts.

    • Manages and maintains MobileStorm account including: o Ensure that three weekly email blasts are properly sent and received through the web program.

    o Create and generate SMS text blast campaigns to TAO Group database.

    o Monitor TAO Group database.

    o Monitor VIP Host database.

    o Monitor all Host outgoing messages for consistency and correct verbiage.

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