Restaurant Food Service - Assistant Manager - General Manager

Jersey Mike's Cinnaminson Cinnaminson, NJ
  • $35K - $60K Annual Salary
  • Full Time
  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Employee Discounts
  • Employer Likely to Respond

Hiring for all of our South Jersey Locations. This includes Marlton, Moorestown, Cinnaminson, Voorhees, and Cherry Hill.

Competitive health and dental benefits offered.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Job Profile & Responsibilities

General Manager

  • Hire and Develop Great People— “A great manager is seen not in his actions but by the actions of those he has managed.”
  • Invest time and energy into the growth of individuals.
  • Get to know your crew.
  • Training is not a cost but rather an investment.
  • Treat each person regardless of age or experience as though they will be the next manager.
  • Go through Certifications on a weekly basis with all crew.
  • Goal is to have each employee “better today, than they were yesterday”.
  • Create a Positive Culture—Create a culture in which A employees thrive and C employees dislike. Should be challenging, rewarding, and fun!
  • Servant Leadership, Communication, and Accountability are 3 main functions needed for great store culture.
  • Communicate clearly the expectations of each person.
  • Communicate clearly the direction of the store.
  • Be fair.
  • Recognize and reward when deserved.
  • Challenge, develop, and grow each person.
  • Have fun and don’t be afraid to show it.
  • Increase Sales—Create a customer, keep a customer, grow a customer!
  • Store Priorities - Product/Speed/Service.
  • Wow the customer! Going above their expectations.
  • Implement local store marketing.
  • Every customer leaves happy.
  • Decrease Expenses—Be profitable by training systems.
  • Review numbers weekly and know what to focus on.
  • Train the systems!
  • Train, train, train, and train again! Training is like breathing, do it constantly!


Weekly GM Email

  • Follow GM “weekly email template” and email to John, Matt, and RM by 5:00 on Monday night.


  • Inventory required on EVERY Monday. Must be finished by 10:00 am on Monday. Should take 45-60 minutes to complete.
  • Detailed inventory report saved in “Palmer book” and on crunchtime.
  • All inventories will be documented on store computer and on crunchtime.
  • Food, paper, and labor costs calculated on every Monday morning by 10:00 am and documented on Palmerbook.
  • Inventory, Labor/Paper/Food %’s recorded in Palmer book every Monday by 10:00 am.
  • Allotted time (120 Minutes) scheduled every week for inventory and updating Palmer book, not done on ”in-store” hours.


  • Schedule done weekly, finished by every Thursday at 10:00 pm. Schedule should take 45-60 minutes to complete (after 1st month of grand opening phase).
  • Scheduled saved for John & Matt to review every week prior to posting.
  • Each week researched (review last weeks and last years sales) to meet labor cost (total=18%, hourly=12%).
  • Allotted time (45 minutes) must be scheduled to complete store schedule, not done on “in-store” hours.
  • Make schedule based on store needs, not employee wants. When possible meet all employee request.
  • Manager/assistant manager should work minimum of 5 dinners per week combined. Top 3 should be at 7 dinners per week combined.
  • Post schedule by Saturday morning.


  • Food - food order done 1-2 times per week based on store.
  • Paper – paper order done 1-2 times per week based on store.
  • Beverage – beverage order done 1-2 times per week.
  • Produce – Order as needed 1-3 times per week.
  • DO NOT run out of product!
  • DO NOT work out of meatcase!
  • All orders to be done on allotted time scheduled before or after manager shifts. Not done on “store time”.


  • Responsible for Hiring/Terminating of all employees.
  • No one hired without first contacting John or Matt.
  • No one fired without going through correct steps (see binder) and first contacting John or Matt.
  • Staffing should be done in preparation for sales and season not in reaction to sales or season.
  • Personally train all employees (this is ALWAYS a daily task). This will be very challenging yet very rewarding.
  • Train by using Systems that are already in place! (see binder) It is vital that all stores are training consistently, correctly, and uniformly.
  • Create a culture that rewards star employees and gets rid of below average employees. Do not keep “C” employees on our team.
  • Written evaluation for all employees 2 times per year. (see binder for evaluation form)

Front Line and Store Hours

  • All managers must complete JMMIT course and training.
  • Manager responsible for all daily operations including but not limited to opening checklist, manager checklist, lunch rush, after lunch checklist, dinner rush, closing checklist.
  • Customer Service!!! Go above the customers’ expectations!

Time Requirement

  • 5-6 days per week
  • 45-55 hours per week
  • 50 weeks per year
  • Work a minimum of 2 closings, 2 openings per week.
  • Vacation: The General Manager, unless advised in writing by John or Matt, will receive two (2) weeks of paid vacation. This means that you will have 100 hours per year of paid vacation time.
  • 3 paid Holidays—Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

Store Presentation

  • Properly complete checklist and train others the same.
  • Focus on clean, fresh, fully stocked dining room, front counter, and bathrooms.
  • Be extremely NEAT and train others the same!
  • Use audit sheet for store cleaning and maintenance.

Customer Service

  • Know at least 25 customers by name and order.
  • “Man the front line!
  • Create a long lasting experience!
  • Train others how to act on front line.
  • Customers receive 100% of our attention; no employee to employee conversations while customers are present.
  • Be yourself, smile, and have fun!!!


  • Help create a catering database
  • Communicate with catering team to execute flawlessly.
  • Develop relationships with catering clients.
  • Communicate with Mikes Marketer, if one is used in your store.

Daily Sheets

  • Complete daily sheets and reconcile daily.
  • Make at least 5 deposits per week.
  • Update Palmer book daily.
  • Schedule 15 minutes per day to complete Palmer book.


  • Communicate with John & Matt through an open and honest relationship.
  • Communicate with employees through open and honest relationships.

Have Fun!!!

  • Matt and John are very passionate about this Team and have fun working together on a daily basis. It is vital to our success that our stores are a place where team members feel comfortable being themselves and enjoy their work. Lets create a culture that we all enjoy being a part of. Be proud to be the General Manager, as John and Matt have a great amount of trust and confidence in you to lead the team.
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