Management Trainee

Jason Bratin Group Columbia, MD
  • $60K - $80K Annual Salary
    + Commission
  • Full Time
  • Employee Discounts, Health Insurance, 401K / Retirement
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Are you looking to make an IMPACT but haven't found the right career vehicle to get you there?

Are you tired of employers harping on work experience and your age to get hired?

Are you fed up with false promises, lack of training and poor leadership at your job?


At the Jason Bratin Group we will offer you:

1. Great pay

2. Growth opportunities

3. Training and skills development

4. Flexible working environment

5. Purpose driven work


Since 1951 our agency has been the leading provider in permanent and portable benefits for over 20,000 Labor Unions (Police, Teachers, Firefighters, Nurses, Electricians, Teamsters and many more) and 9,000 Credit Unions and Trade Associations.
Our members specifically request our services, so that means our staff does ZERO, cold calling, telemarketing, solicitation or prospecting.

Your job is to deliver and explain everything they are entitled to and service the member with excellent customer service.

Our organization is 100% paperless and have leading technologies that allow us to work effectively and efficiently all the while providing outstanding service to our clientele and staff.

But if there is anything that stands out is has to be our company CULTURE! We work hard but we play hard too! The work environment is fun, upbeat, energetic and with music playing all throughout the day it makes work fun and increases team productivity significantly! 

Our agency provides weekly bonuses, monthly contests and yearly vacations, by doing so we raise the lid on our performance and by doing so it is a WIN/WIN/WIN. The team wins, the individual wins but most importantly the client wins!


As you may or may not know most employees when they get laid off, get fired, change jobs or retire end up losing most if not ALL their job benefits. So our organization fills in a MAJOR gap for these families by providing them with their entitled permanent and portable benefits so they will always have financial security for their family.


Our objective is to hire a select few candidates that have a desire to help people, make money and have fun doing it! Help people with their benefits, help people in their career development and help the community but taking part in our initiatives to give back to our city.

We offer an aggressive promotion track with a lot of room for growth and leadership opportunities along with a competitive pay structure that we are sure you will enjoy!
If considered for employment with our firm we do ask that you have some of the following traits:

- A strong work ethic

- A great attitude

-A coachable mindset

- A competitive spirit

- A desire to make a difference in this world

So if this opportunity peaks your interest please reply back to this job ad and our hiring team will reach out to your upon receiving your information. 

Thank you and good luck! Let's WIN!

We have a steady balance of a work hard, play hard culture. Everyday we come to work we focus on the happiness of our teammates because when they are happy our clients will be happy. Every single day we get to have fun, make money and help people!

Our culture is focused on changing the lives of the people within our team, mentally, physically, spiritually & financially. In doing so, we create the opportunity for more people to help more people. Leaders will duplicate themselves and our impact will multiply. 

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