Front of House Bar Manager

Everson Royce Bar Los Angeles, CA
  • Depends on experience
  • Full Time
  • Health Insurance, Employee Discounts, Ask Us!

E.R.B. is hiring a manager.
E.R.B. is hiring a server.
E.R.B. is hiring a bartender.
E.R.B. is short for Everson Royce Bar
E.R.B. is mayhem sometimes.
E.R.B. is a lot of people a lot of the time.
E.R.B. is a giant never ending party.
doormen and bartenders and servers and chefs.
bar backs and busboys.
managers and owners.
E.R.B. has a big giant patio.
perfect for sunlight and starlight.
parties of 10.
parties of 100.
walk ins of 30.
some nights more than a thousand people come.
we are always moving fast.
we are always thinking fast.
the bar inside is marble.
and long.
the music is good.
and loud sometimes.
dreams are free, but hustle is sold separately.
E.R.B. is in the Arts District.
Downtown Los Angeles.
there's so much booze on the back bar at E.R.B.
I think if Nicholas Cage drank here he'd never even make it to Las Vegas.
E.R.B. has new events all the time.
events on events on events on events.
we are looking for people who aren't infected with the "don't you know who i think i am virus"
we are looking for people who aren't afraid to have ideas of their own
we are looking for people who are interested in wisely opting out of ritual.
we are looking for people who are looking to work hard and have fun doing it.
we are looking for people who are not afraid of humanity.
we are 100% against most forms of certainty.
we are most interested in things that we have never thought of before.
police do look different when you have no warrants.
i had a conversation with a police officer yesterday.
police do sound different when you have no warrants.
and always remember:
you can tell a lot about someone,
if you analyze the dreams,
that they lie about having had.

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