Catering & Events Coordinator at Maple Block Meat Co.

Maple Block Meat Company Culver City, CA
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Company: Maple Block Meat Co. 

Job Title: Catering & Event Coordinator 

Job Type: Full Time 

Position Summary: 

Maple Block barbecue is looking for a Catering & Event Coordinator. The Catering & Event 

Coordinator will work closely with the Catering & Event Manager to plan, schedule, and 

execute full-service and drop-off catering events. We are looking for someone to help 

grow Maple Block by promoting our mission, vision, values, and culture. And did we 

mention our award winning, slow smoked barbecue? 

Key Responsibilities: 

Schedules, coordinates and supervises Hourly Teammates and Catering Associates 

who are assisting the execution of catering/drop-off events. 

Substitutes for the Catering & Event Manager as lead person/manager-on-duty for all 

full-service events as needed. 

Ensures that catering experiences are stress free for clients by guaranteeing that 

orders are on time and correct, and that Catering Associates are adequately prepared 

to setup and execute events. 

Works with Catering Operations Manager to plan for staffing needs. Interviews as 

needed and provides input to Catering Manager about selections and potential hires. 

Organizes and maintains drop sheets for the week updating it throughout the week as 

new orders are created. 

Ensures that drop sheets are posted in prep area and correctly match invoice and 


Completes all paperwork for events, including invoice and drop sheet. 

Prepares/prints all paperwork needed for necessary teammates including invoices, 

drop sheets, full-service contracts, tax exempt certifications, and Gather & Google 


Checks Gather for correct invoices and drop sheets. 

Communicates with restaurant management ahead of time regarding orders that have 

special items (e.g. fruit trays, veggie trays, cheese trays, etc.) for proper ordering. 

Communicates with restaurant management regarding any catering paper product 

that is needed. 

Ensures all catering equipment, assigned catering areas and catering vehicles is kept 

clean and organized at all times. Monitors Catering Associates to ensure they are 

adhering to cleanliness standards after events. 

Communicates any equipment repairs or needs to Catering & Event Manager. 

Other job duties as assigned. 


Must possess a valid driver’s license for at least two years and have reliable 

transportation that can accommodate catering supplies and equipment.  

Must pass a Motor Vehicle Background check. 

Exhibit positive verbal and non-verbal communication skills. 

Possess good time management and organization. 

Ability to be able to work with a schedule that is changes and is updated daily. 

Has an expectation of excellence. 

Shows integrity to do the right thing when unsupervised. 

This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other 

related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the restaurant or market.

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