Commissary Utility Prep

Maria's Italian Kitchen Van Nuys, CA
  • Depends on experience
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Meal Plan / Free Food, Ask Us!
  • Employer Likely to Respond

Maria's Italian Kitchen is now hiring Utility Prep positions for our Commissary located in Van Nuys.  Shifts begin at 5:00am.

Role Priorities

Prioridades del oficio

  • Maintain overall cleanliness of areas and equipment

Mantener limpio todas las áreas y equipo

  • Operate the dish machine

Operar la maquina de lavaplatos

  • Assist in the preparation of food items

Asistir en la preparacion de comida

  • Effective Communication with Management and Co-Workers

Comunicar efectivamente con gerencia y compañero/as

  • Responsible for the Health and Safety of Co-Workers and Customers

Responsable por la salud y la seguridad de Compañero/as y Clientes

  • Follow all Food Safety and Food Handling Requirements

Seguir todo los requisitos de seguridad de comida

  • Ensures adherence to all company standards

Asegurar adherencia a todas las normas de la compañía

  • Abide by Maria’s Italian Kitchen Culture

Aplicarse y la cultura de Maria’s Italian Kitchen

  • Teamwork

Trabajo de Equipo

Role Requirements

Requisitos del Trabajo

  • Must be able to read and speak clearly in standard English

Leer y hablar claramente en Ingles  

  • Must be a people-person, must be Nice, Respectful, a self-motivator, have a cheerful disposition, out-going, enthusiastic and be tolerant of close contact with other people

Debe ser amable, respetoso, motivado, disposición alegre, entusiasmo, y tolerante con la gente

  • Must have strong work ethics and be extremely organized

Tener una ética fuerte y ser extremadamente organizado/a

  • Able to handle conflict in a professional manner

Poder manejar situaciones de conflicto en una manera profesional

  1. Must have strong follow up and be detailed oriented

Debe ser bueno/a con detalles terminar trabajos

  1. Unexpired California Food Handlers Certification

Certificacion valida de California Food Handlers

Position Responsibilities and tasks

Responsabilidades y tareas de la posicion

  • Know your work Schedule and be on time for every shift

Conocer sus horarios y llegar a tiempo

  • Adhere to Uniform Standards (Correct, Clean, and Professional) at all times

Adherirse a los estándares de Uniforme (Correcto, Limpio, y Profesional) a todo tiempo

  • Understand, Value and Follow Safe Work Practices at all times

Entender, valorar, y seguir las prácticas de seguridad en todo momento

  • Assist and support Co-Workers during the shift. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork

Asistir y apoyar a compañero/as durante el cambio. Labor de Equipo

  • Maintain all work areas during the shift (Stocking, Cleanliness, etc…)

Mantener limpias y bien surtidas todas las áreas de trabajo

  • Maintain organization of stock room and walk in refrigerator

Mantener organizado los refrigeradores y los almacenes

  • Complete Side-work thoroughly and in a timely manner with minimal supervision

Completar las tareas del lado completamente y en una manera rápida con supervisión mínima

  • Follow all Meal and Rest Break Requirements

Seguir todos los reglamentos de Descanso y Alimento

  • Take direction from Management and Supervisors during your shift

Tomar dirección de la Gerencia y Supervisores durante su cambio

  • Cross train and support other HOH departments (Line Cooks, Salads, Pizza, Sauté)

Apoyar y recibir entrenamiento a los otros departamentos (Cocineros, Pizza, Salsas, etc.)

  • Other duties as assigned

Otros deberes asignados

Typical working conditions


  • Predominantly standing and walking

Mayormente estar de pie y caminando

  • Repeat the same physical activities, such as but not limited to; loading and unloading the dishwasher

Repetir las mismas actividades físicas, incluyendo pero no limitadas a cargando y descargando la máquina de lavaplatos

  • Respond quickly in a demanding environment

Responder rápidamente en un medio ambiente demandante

  • Close contact with other people

Contacto cercano con otra gente

  • Work indoors

Trabajar adentro

  • Frequent bending, pulling, reaching, kneeling, and occasional lifting (approximately up to 50 lbs)- Ask for Help!

Frecuentemente doblar, jalar, arrodillarse, y ocasionalmente levantar (aproximadamente 50 lbs.). – Pide ayuda si lo necesita!

We LOVE…Pasta, Teamwork, Caring People, and a Positive Work Environment.   If you love what we love come JOIN our TEAM. 

Maria's Italian Kitchen is one of those grand American success stories. It began in the Italian quarter of Hoboken, New Jersey, where Maria grew up learning the recipes for real Italian food of Naples from her mother, Luisa.  Maria's Italian Kitchen offers a diverse menu offering fresh and flavorful dishes served by our personable and knowledgeable team.

Our passion is our people, Team Members and Guests alike- our success is driven by Maria's Italian Kitchen's strong company culture of great food, hospitality and atmosphere.

Flexible Hours
Employee Discounts
Benefits for eligible employees
Growth within the company
A FUN work environment

100% Woman Owned Business

Que se necesita para tener exito en MIK?

1. You gotta love PEOPLE
Te tiene que gustar a la gente 

2. Being Genuinely NICE is a MUST have
Se necista ser genialmente simpatico/a

3. Value Quality Service and Food
Valorar servicio y comida de calidad

4. Be Committed to the Job
Compormeterse al trabajo

5. Be a Team Player
Ser parte de un equipo

6. Doing the Right thing, especially when no one is looking
Hacer lo correcto, especialmente cuando alguien no este mirando

7. Think what is best for the Customer, your Co-Worker, and the Company
Tener en mente lo mejor para el Cliente, tus compañeros, y la compania

8. Know the Value of your position
Conocer el valor de tu posicion

9. Know YOUR Value to the Team
Conocer tu valor al equipo

10. Smile and have FUN at Work
Sonreir y divertirse en el trabajo

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