Kitchen Manager

Dos Toros Dearborn Chicago, IL
  • $50.7K Annual Salary
    + Bonuses
  • Exempt
  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401K / Retirement, Employee Discounts, Meal Plan / Free Food, Ask Us!
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

 The Kitchen Manager is responsible for managing the overall operations of a Dos Toros Kitchen and ensures that all employees and managers observe all applicable policies and procedures in Dos Toros. Kitchen Managers also develop managers in training as well as hourly team members as they are being certified in position or area.    

Essential Functions: 

The primary responsibilities for the Kitchen Manager include, but are not limited to: 

• Treats team members with respect and regularly recognizes and rewards employees.

• Creates an environment of warmth and service that delights our guests and employees.

• Actively engages with crew during the shift to ensure feedback is given, team member’s concerns are heard and addressed, and that the overall team morale is high.

• Maintains the brand image by ensuring restaurant cleanliness, maintenance and excellent service. 

• Ensures all recipes are followed and executed according to the standards set by Dos Toros.

• Conducting regular visual and taste tests to determine whether food is of the highest quality and prepared to specification, and using independent discretion and judgement to decide whether to take corrective action with respect to food quality and preparation.

• Training and developing newly-hired managers-in-training along with hourly team members.

• Working with members of the management team. 

• Exercising discretion and independent judgement to identify areas of opportunity in the kitchen. 

• Ensuring that all kitchen staff are taught how to execute catering orders flawlessly. 

• Participating in the training of team members for all store openings in our existing market and new markets. 

• Certifying all kitchen training for all restaurant locations managed.

• Maintaining all kitchen equipment, reporting out if anything is not to spec asap and following up.

• Providing the General Manager with feedback related to kitchen performance, including bringing any issues relating to the kitchen to the attention of the General Manager with possible solutions.

• Maintaining all Board of Health standards, with the expectation of receiving the letter grade “A”. 

• Ensuring total compliance with all policies and procedures that have been set by Dos Toros.

• Complying with all Federal, State and local labor laws. 

Job Skills and Requirements:

• All Kitchen Managers are required to work a minimum of 50 hours, with closing and weekend shifts worked based on the needs of the store they manage. These expectations may be modified, with or without notice, to meet the demands of the business. 

• This position may require prolonged standing, bending, stooping, twisting, lifting products and supplies weighing up to 40 pounds, and repetitive hand and wrist motion.

• Must be able to operate kitchen equipment and supplies.

• Communicate effectively with guests and other employees.

• Maintain a professional appearance and in uniform always.

• Must have valid Food Handlers card, and any further certification as dictated by the City/State. 

• Communicate in common language when at all possible, utilizing the use of any language(s), as may be required for the effective performance of the position. 

• Must be able to communicate in the common language, both written and verbal. 

Our Core Values

TOTAL RESPECT We respect our guests and appreciate their decision to walk in our door. We respect each other and value the hard work we do together. We respect the earth by sourcing high quality ingredients and promoting sustainability. We respect our restaurants by keeping them sparkling and treating them with care.  

GENUINE WARMTH Our friendliness and warmth towards our guests never fails to make their day better. Our warmth and support with each other makes Dos Toros a great place to work. Our warm and inviting atmosphere is fun and groovy. Yes, groovy. Our warm and delicious food is comforting and highly crave-able.  

UNCOMPROMISING EXPERTISE We don't take any shortcuts when it comes to flavor - we do things the hard way. We are experts at prepping our ingredients and executing our recipes accurately. We assemble our food expertly - with speed and care. We are experts at food safety and sanitation, and stay vigilant against carelessness.

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