Restaurant Manager

Hippo Los Angeles, CA
  • Depends on experience
  • Full Time
  • Employee Discounts, Health Insurance
  • Employer Fairly Likely to Respond

Hippo in Highland Park is looking for a hospitality superstar to join our Management team. Our culture requires an abundance of enthusiasm, energy, pride and passion. An understanding of HR protocols, financials and health department standards wouldnt hurt a bit. Neither would an enormous love of food, wine and cocktails. If interested please fire off a resume and a few words as to why you think you might be the right fit.

Hippo restaurant is the culmination of a twenty year relationship between Randy Clement and James Beard award winning chef Matt Molina. After meeting at Campanile twenty years ago, Randy and Matt took separate paths. After ascending the ranks at Nancy Silverton's depute restaurant, Matt was given the opportunity to head a new (at the time) restaurant: Mozza. During Matt's seven year tenure at Mozza, Randy had taken up a separate project: Silver Lake Wine. Silver Lake Wine eventually grew to several locations and Randy and Matt's path's crossed again four years ago. The team came together to open up Everson Royce Bar in the art's district with the goal of opening up Hippo in Highland Park in the near future. While construction continued on the restaurant, the team opened up the adjacent Triple Beam Pizza.

Hippo represents a culmination of Matt's career; Mediterranean inspired and farmer's market driven. The vastly open kitchen is centered around a hot line dedicated solely to the art of pasta, and flanked on one side by an almond wood fired grill, and on the other by an expansive crudo and vegetable station. The food is constantly evolving and changing with the mind of chef Matt.

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