Prep Cook, Dishwasher. Kitchen Maintenance Attendant


at Wedgewood Weddings Redwood CanyonCastro Valley, CA
Castro Valley, CA
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  • Employment Type
    Part Time
  • Compensation
    $12.00 Hourly
  • Perks / Benefits
    Meal Plan / Free Food

Wedgewood Weddings  & Z-Golf at The Redwood Canyon Golf Course is looking for a Prep Cook/Dishwasher/Utility Specialist. If you enjoy diversity in what you do, this position is perfect!

We are busy all the time! The hours will vary and successful people will work A LOT! Weekday, weekend, day and night shifts available.

The best way to describe the position is as a "Jack/Jackie of All Trades"! They will be washing dishes, helping with food prep and helping to plate the actual events. This person will also assist venue maintenance. This is perfect way to learn about everything we do.

Reply to this posting ASAP with your experience and your phone number so we can set-up an interview! Please include your resume if you have one.

We are hiring immediately. Se habla un poquito Espanol

Thank you!

About Wedgewood Weddings Redwood Canyon

At Z-Golf & Wedgewood Weddings, we are committed to being a great place to work!  From growth opportunities to our dynamic "Wedge" culture, we work hard to provide a foundation for building successful careers.  To be one of us, you need to have these building blocks:

  • Fiery passion for success in the wedding/event industry
  • Devotion to hospitality
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Flawless communication skills

Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best value, service and convenience (or, our trademark Valservenience™) to every client, every time. To achieve that goal, we hire the most highly qualified people in the industry who share our philosophy.  

Our company culture fosters diversity, teamwork, brilliant guest service and individual accountability. Would you like to join us?  We hope so!

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