Coffee Roasting Apprentice

Jose Alhambra, CA
  • Depends on experience
  • Full Time
  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401K / Retirement, Employee Discounts

LAMILL Coffee is a local, family owned company that has been roasting here in Los Angeles for 20 years and we're looking for new team members to help us expand our efforts. 

Job Overview: 

  The apprentice roaster is the entry level position in the roasting department where one learns to become competent at roasting coffee. Applicants may or may not have had previous roasting experience. All roasting enviroments are different so this is the testing and nurturing ground for Lamill Roasters. There also is no definite time frame as to when a roaster apprentice becomes a roaster. The level of competence to become a roaster is different for every one but generally, an apprentice can be expected to have enough competence in 6 months to be able to operate a roasting machine solo and then with continued practice and guidance full competence within a year is possible. The Director of coffee will conduct an examination (written and oral) to determine if the apprentice has mastered the basic principles of coffee roasting, machinery familarity, cupping protocol and plant safety at a specified period prior to one year.

  The apprentice roaster, besides learning to roast coffee, may assist in all area of production thereby mastering the workflow. This may include any of the production positions of blending, bagging, and online fulfillment and taking direction from the Production Manager while assisting in this fashion. This requires flexability and understanding. After 3 years of roasting in the capacity of "Roaster" at Lamill and demonstrate leadership abilities, it is possible to qualify for the position of Lead Roaster.

Roaster Duties:

  • Assist the Lead Roaster in all aspects of the roasting/blending responsibility.
    • Organize green coffee for proper roasting flow
    • Organize roasted buckets and signs
    • Process samples, Sales and online orders
    • Bagging of Coffees and Teas
    • Warehouse work wich involves restocking invenotry and maintaining apperance
  • Roast
    • Maintain Lamill Coffees to the highest quality standards
    • Assist in the Roasting of Lamill coffees to establish roast and flavor profiles
    • Keep roast logs current
  • Receive
    • Operate forklift safely under supervision of certified operator-train on and become forklift certified
    • Receive green coffee
    • Make note of condition of delivery
    • Maintain accurate receiving logs
    • Maintain and organize green coffee according to FIFO
  • Blending
    • Help Lead Roaster in scheduling blends for afficient timing for packers and orders
  • Organize
    • Keep Roaster areas clean and orderly
    • Keep green coffee area organized and clean
    • FIFO green invenotry 
  • Education & Training
    • Continue learning, education and training
    • Participate in training events as scheduled 
  • Inventory
    • Assist Lead Roaster with the green inventory on Fridays
    • Stock new shipments of green coffee
    • Follow F.I.F.O. practices
  • Cupping
    • Participate in scheduled coffee cuppings
    • Learn to recognize how small changes in the roast profile effect the cup
    • Follow correct cupping protocols as established by the Director of Coffee
  • Maintenance
    • Clean and maintain all roasters as directed by Lead Roster and Director of Coffee
    • Perform daily/weekly/monthly Maintenance
      • Assure that roasters are in top condition for both quality roasting and safety


  • Mechanical/Eletrical skills highly desired
  • basic math skills required (ratios and percentages)
  • Prior Roasting experience desired but not required for apprentice position
  • Maintain Lamill Coffee Standards of quality, performance, ethics and safety to the highest level
  • Establish excellent work habits
  • Establish excellent working relationships with co-workers and customers
  • Love and respect for the Coffee, the Craft, Machines and Tools that contribute to great coffee! This respects needs to be shared and passed along to all
  • Ability to follow a roasting profile consistently given different green inputs
  • ability to stand for long periods of time in a hot and dusty roasting environment
  • Ability to maintain composure during emergency situations
  • Physical ability to moke 60-70 kilo coffee bags as required in a safe manner
  • Ability to work in a sade and efficient manner always keeping coffee quality in mind
  • Ability to maintain a cheerful respectful demeanor with co workers, supervisors and customers.

This is a full-time position (38 -40 hours per week) with occasional overtime required. We offer a competitive benefits package including health insurance. Our roasting facility is a warehouse environment, which means it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter and it is moderately noisy. Please send a resume in .DOC or .PDF format only and a brief statement about why you would like to work at LAMILL coffee.

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