Executive Assistant
at Kessler - Bohemian Hotel Celebration
Kissimmee, FL
Kissimmee, FL
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  • Employment Type
    Full Time
  • Compensation
    Depends on experience


The Executive Assistant provides support to the General Manager and Sales and Catering managers that includes proactively communicating, responding to questions and requests, solving problems, providing   information, and maintaining and organizing data in order to build relationships and enhance the total guest experience.

Supervisory Responsibilities: 

  • No direct reports

Essential Duties / Tasks / Responsibilities:

As with any new position, the tasks and responsibilities may differ initially as the role develops. The ultimate responsibility will require the incumbent to stay on top of the needs of the General Manager.  This position includes specific assignments with Sales department as outlined below.

General Administrative Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Administrative duties for General Manager
    1. Updates and distributes The Kessler Connection.
    2. Safety Bingo Administrator
    3. Makes telephone calls to specified individuals as requested by the General Manager.
    4. Greets all individuals arriving at executive offices courteously and assists with their needs.
    5. Documents and maintains appointment calendar for General Manager.
    6. Establishes and maintains filing procedures.
    7. Maintains complete knowledge and complies with all hotel and department policies and procedures.
    8. Accesses all functions of computer according to specifications.
    9. Sets up work station with necessary supplies and resource materials; maintain cleanliness throughout shift.
    10. Completes supply requisitions and submits to General Manager; stocks office supplies upon receipt.
    11. Answers telephone within 3 rings, using correct salutations and telephone etiquette.
    12. Record messages legibly and completely.
    13. Maintains confidentiality and security of specified hotel information, correspondence, reports and files.
    14. Documents pertinent information according to hotel standards and procedures.
    15. Overflow assistance for all departments
    16. US Mail Processing
      1. Incoming sorting/distribution/outgoing
        1. Shipping of Guests

Administrative Support to Sales and Catering

  1. Daily Tasks
    1. Run Daily Event Agenda  for following day’s events
    2. Create Reader Board for following day’s events
    3. Create door  cards for following day’s events
    4. Run Guarantee Reports (groups arriving within 72 hours)
    5. Act as email/phone lead catcher and forward to appropriate sales manager
    6. Run daily Change Log report
    7. Revised and Pop-up Event orders (as needed)
      1. Update Event Order binder
      2. Route to departments per distribution list
    8. Send thank you letter, post event evaluation , and final banquet checks to clients
    9. Inspect Sales VIP rooms
    10. Process VIP Sales amenities
    11. Create and print Private Dining menu cards and Place Cards (per request of ESM)
    12. Organizes and maintains Sales and Catering filing system
      1. Process Sales and Catering turnovers
      2. Create folders for new group and social definite bookings
    13. Provides pop-up site visits in the absence of Sales and Catering managers
    14. Makes photocopies and process as specified
    15. In-House Meetings
      1. Reserve space in CI/TY or Delphi
      2. Create Event Order; send to requesting department for approval and signature
  2. Weekly Tasks
    1. Run Event  Order packet
      1. Route to departments per distribution list
      2. Place full packet in Event Order binder
    2. Create Resume Packet and Cover Sheet
      1. Print packets and distribute and distribute at weekly resume meeting
    3. Post Rewarding Events points per Marriott SOP
    4. Print/Restock wedding packets and sales kits and collateral for Sales and Catering Sales Manager
  3. Monthly Tasks
    1. Update catering menus as needed
  4. Annual Tasks
    1. Research Comp set menus and pricing
    2. Purge Sales and Catering files
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