Sous Chef

The Butcher's Daughter Brooklyn, NY
  • $50K - $65K Annual Salary
    + Bonuses
  • Full Time
  • Employer Unlikely to Respond

Job Details

As Sous chef- you are a vital part of the kitchen - and the conduit from the kitchen to the servers. You will work directly under the Executive Chef, and are directly responsible for food quality and maitenance in the kitchen. Please undersand the requirements of the position below - as it is a respectable job yet and highly demanding;  You will replace the Executive Chef when he/she cannto be present - and seamlessly fill this role. You will report and work directly under the Executive Chef with respect and support. This position requires both culinary and managerial skills. The following will be required (but are not limited to)  

• Work with the executive chef to produce diversified menus in accordance with the restaurant’s policy and vision;

• Establish the working schedule and organize the work in the kitchen so that everything works like a “well-oiled machinery”;

• Produce high quality dishes that follow up the established menu and level up to location’s standards, as well as to clients’ requirements;

• Plan the food design in order to create a perfect match between the dish’s aspect and its taste;

• Discover talented chefs and train them in order to reach the high standards of the location;

• Train the auxiliary kitchen staff in order to provide best results in minimum time and using at the maximum the available resources;

• Maintain order and discipline in the kitchen during working hours;

• Developing a cross-marketing strategy in order to increase profit

• Make sure the hygiene and food safety standards are met in all stages of food preparation, starting with the ingredients and ending with the finished dish which leaves the kitchen door;

• Make sure that the professional equipment is in good conditions and signal any malfunction before it affects the staff or the clients.

• Ability to successfully manage time, resources and finances. 

• Ability to adjust discourse in accordance with target audience: ie: GREAT communication. 

Ability to understand what people are asking, and providing insight without attitude. Helping to positively problem solve, and offerign solutions and support where necessary. 

• Must be able to train subordinate chefs and the kitchen staff.  Have teaching strategies that convey information clearly and in an accessible manner. 

• Ability to analyse and observe progress of teammembers, interworkings of the kitchen, and overall restaurant success. 

The sous chef job is very rewarding, but it also requires a lot of passion, devotion and perseverance. Personal behavior is very important in the work place. We also require attention to detail, initiative, flexibility, patience, good stress tolerence, leadership qualities, and the ability to work well with a team.   If you have these attributes, please - we look forward to hiring you! 

We are a vegetable slaughterhouse. We chop, sautee, and create all of our veggie dishes to wow the customers! Full of flavor, color, and freshness, we look to introduce the "non vegetarians" to this healthier, satisfying way! 

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