Lodging Summer Internship

Moonrise Hotel St. Louis, MO
  • $10.00 Hourly
  • Temporary / Seasonal
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Moonrise Hotel is hosting a Summer Hospitality Internship for Lodging. 

What the Internship consists of:

  • 12 weeks at Moonrise Hotel starting on Tuesday 5/28 (the day after Memorial Day) and ending on Friday 8/18
  • Time will be spent rotating through each department in order to train in specific jobs and shadow the management team.
  • A general overview of your time at Moonrise will be as follows:
    • Week One: Introduction to Hotel and other Interns.  Culture Training with Interns and recent New Hires on Thursday May 30th, followed by a luncheon.  This week will be spent in the Administrative Office learning from the General Manager or Assistant General Manager, Accounting Manager, and Manager of Human Resources.  Business casual attire. 
    • Week Two: Housekeeping is the backbone of any hotel.  This week will focus on learning how to clean/inspect rooms, laundry, and detailed cleaning of public space areas.  This will likely be the hardest week but it is vital to understand the hard work of our Housekeeping staff in order to effectively run a hotel.  Comfortable black pants and shoes, shirt provided. 
    • Week Three: Front Desk and Reservations.  This week you will learn how to use our POS system (Opera), how to check guests in/out, how to deal with guest requests/complaints, for to make/cancel reservations and everything else Front Desk related.  You will be shadowing the Assistant General Manager and Senior Reservationist.  All black business casual attire. 
    • Week Four: Housekeeping/Engineering.  This week will focus on shadowing the Executive Housekeeper and Chief Engineer.  You will spend time learning about stocking, ordering, scheduling for a large department, provide housekeeping assignments and how engineering works at a hotel.  Comfortable black pants and shoes, shirt provided. 
    • Week Five: Front Desk/Guest Services.  That’s right, back to the Front Desk!  You will continue to learn Opera (our property management computer system, aka PMS) and work with guests at the Front Desk, as well as learn about our Valet/Bellman responsibilities.  All black business casual attire. 
    • Week Six: Front Desk/Guest Services.  Same as Week Six 
    • Week Seven:   Back to Housekeeping to continue to learn from our amazing Housekeeping team.    
    • Week Eight:   Same as Week Seven. 
    • Week Nine: Front Desk/Reservations.  Same as Week Three. 
    • Week Ten: Administrative Office.  More time in the office learning from the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Accounting Manager, and Manager of Human Resources.  Use this week to ask questions about what you’ve learned thus far and see what else upper management can add on to what you have learned from each department.  Business casual attire. 
    • Week Eleven & Twelve: What are you interested in?  Is there a department you’d like to learn more about or spend more time in?  We will ask you this during Week Ten and then, based our observations, see where you as an individual should spend your final two weeks in order to gain the most from this experience.  Attire dependent upon department placement. 

Please note that some weekends will be required. 

All required dress attire is listed at the end of each week.  More details will be provided in our Associate Manual.  We are paid Bi-Weekly and on these Fridays, associates are allowed to wear dark jeans for Pay Day Jean Day. 

Candidates must be enrolled in a Hospitality Program at an accredited university.

Interns are paid at a rate of $10 per hour. No tips can be accepted when assisting and learning from a tipped employee.  This program should be able to be used for credit at your University.  Please just let us know if there is any paperwork required on our in or if we need to speak to your professor in order for you to receive credit.

All employees, including interns, are provided a free meal per shift.  Meals are offered from 12pm-2pm for lunch and 4pm-6pm for dinner in the employee cafeteria. 

Housing is not offered for interns by Moonrise Hotel.  You will have to look into living expenses and housing on your own.  We are located near Washington University so there are plenty of student housing options to look into. 

The Moonrise Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, blends cool modern design and quirky sophistication to create a truly unique boutique hotel experience. Located in The Loop- one of St. Louis' most vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment districts- the hotel offers guest a wide array of leisure activities.

We are a family of people who care about one another. From our guests, to our co-workers, to our community we put people’s needs first. We ASPIRE to help others and improve ourselves by being present, having a positive and respectful attitude, being honest and keeping our word, providing exciting service, and most importantly having fun!

ASPIRE:  To have great ambition and rise above the rest.

  • Attitude: A way of thinking or feeling which is usually reflected in one’s behavior. Be positive!
  • Satisfaction: Fulfillment of one’s wants, needs, or expectations. We always want to exceed guest’s expectations
  • Present: Fulfillment of one’s wants, needs, or expectations.
  • Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
  • Respect: Admire someone deeply as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
  • Excitement: A state of increased energy or activity.  Have fun!


  • We've got a great product to sell!
  • We have fun at work, but get the job done.
  • We are independently minded and we hire people that are the same way.
  • We take the competition seriously, but not ourselves.
  • We are lively, enthusiastic, and fast moving
  • We do what we say we are going to do and we are who we say we are.
  • We're colorful, quirky, and stylish!

We do not give you scripts, we like your free spirit, but we're professional.

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