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Sales / Sales Mgmt Opportunity

GreenStar Power is one of the fastest growing Solar companies in Texas and an emerging leader in the Solar industry.

If you are motivated by the idea of making excellent money while doing something truly great for your customers and the environment, then this may be a great career opportunity for you. You will also have a career path to Sales management and building teams!

What is the training like?

It’s a combination between classroom learning and an apprenticeship in the field. You need to learn this product and get comfortable at explaining Solar to customers in a way they understand it’s a benefit. So that’s why we have a structured onboarding process where you learn everything from how to generate a lead, how to conduct an effective presentation and how to put together a proposal and close a deal! You get PAID from day one though. You just need to be a hard worker. We’ll find a way for you to contribute even while you’re still learning.

What do you mean by "uncapped earning potential?"

Most companies find a way to decrease your commissions when you over perform. That is NOT what we do at GreenStar Power. We want to create a true relationship with you as a salesperson for our company by treating you “right” from the beginning and giving you every incentive to stay. We make sure you have all the tools and training you need from your first day at GreenStar Power. Two sales per week and you are easily making $100,000 per year. Work a few referrals and you're pushing $200,000. And these figures are based on mid-sized residential systems. The opportunity in commercial sales is even bigger.

How much do I make per sale?

You control your price-point. The average commission for a small solar power system is approximately $1000.

What about referrals?

We have an excellent program for self-generated leads as well as a referral program for people you know.

What is the product?

You are selling solar power to homeowners in the greater Austin area.

What is the job like?

Well, it's a sales job, just like any other. So, you need to have thick skin and not be afraid of rejection. LEAD GENERATION is very important. And with solar, canvassing (going door to door) is the best method for generating qualified leads. It is the “First Step” in our “3 Part” sales system to load your pipeline.

1st step – canvassing

2nd step – leads we purchase and assign to you to call and set for yourself

3rd step – Appointments we purchase and assign to you to simply run and CLOSE!

 Don’t forget to get those referrals at that time!!

However, canvassing is a very effective way to generate sales quickly in this industry. If you can generate leads, you'll make money. If you can't, you won't.

Presentations are conducted in the home with all decision-makers present.

Here are the pro's and the con's of this job, as best as I can describe them.


Huge earning potential! And that means right away. An AVERAGE rep makes $2,000 to $3,000 per week with us.

A truly wonderful product. You save people money. A lot of it. AND you are helping to save the environment. It's the best "feel good" product there is.

A company that values you and treats you right. No BS here. Everything in our business model is designed to help retain sales talent rather than have a revolving door.

Our onboarding process is very supportive and well thought out. You are well trained and are given everything you need to do your job.


You have to be a HARD WORKER. If you are looking for a low- key desk job where you can get away with doing the minimum, this isn't for you.

Your compensation is performance based. ALL expectations are very reasonable. But if you suck or don’t have much in the way of work ethic, you’re not going to make much money. Sorry, we don’t pay people to do nothing here.

You need to work evenings and one weekend day per week. You need to talk with people when they’re home. It’s that simple.

You need to be okay with knocking on some doors, setting appointment for yourself and running leads. If you think you’re above that then there is no place for you here. We value people who can create opportunities, not those who feel entitled to opportunities created by others.

We are obviously looking for a certain type of person. Sales experience in Solar is preferred, but not required for the right candidate. For more information check out our website at GreenStarPower.com

Good luck with your job hunt!

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