Silver Lake General Manager

MatchaBar Los Angeles, CA
  • $50K - $60K Annual Salary
    + Bonuses
  • Full Time
  • Meal Plan / Free Food, Employee Discounts, Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, Vision Insurance
  • Employer Likely to Respond

MatchaBar is a matcha company founded by two brothers in Brooklyn, New York. MatchaBar opened its flagship—the country's first specialty matcha cafe—in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2014. In 4 short years, the team has opened 3 cafes and taken a bottled product to the national market. All the while, the brothers remain on a simple mission: to bring matcha to the people, sharing better energy with the world around them!

Our Mission — To bring matcha to the people!

Our Values — Good things come to those who hustle!

Do we believe in Karma? Magic? Santa Claus? We're not quite sure, but we do believe in the hustle. It's the backbone of our business, and is responsible for MatchaBar's very existence! The hustle is about going above and beyond to get the job done. Our community, the MatchaFam, defines itself by just this hard work, passion, and a sense of purpose.


MatchaBar is hiring a General Manager for our Silver Lake café. This café is supported by a team of 6 baristas who report to the GM. The GM reports directly to the Café Operations Manager and ownership, who are based out of MatchaBar HQ in Brookly, NY.

This role is ideal for a mature, self-motivated, independent individual who embodies the Hustle in everything they do. Managing our Silver Lake café is a unique opportunity to be supported and coached regularly by experienced supervisors, while remaining autonomous and independent—essentially you're the captain of your very own Matcha Ship!

As our fast-growing company continues to expand, the role of GM is uniquely positioned for growth with MatchaBar. With some heartfelt hustle, a passion for leading a team, and the ability to see the long game in bringing matcha to the people, the GM will ideally play a pivotal role as we expand our café presence.


The general manager at MatchaBar Silver Lake is:

  • A leader in the café space, acting as an in-store extension of the café Operations Manager (COM) and Ownership, serving as a role model to the barista team in regards to hospitality, drink/food prep, and on-the-job training.
  • An ambassador for the brand.
  • Responsible for the quality of all matcha, espresso, and pastry offerings, as well as training the barista team on the proper execution and serving of those menu items.
  • Responsible for fundamental administrative tasks including inventory, scheduling, ordering, and money handling.


  • Set schedule TBD based on the cafés’ operational needs, with a work week that regularly includes weekends and early morning hours.
  • The GM fills a 40-hour week with 2-3 barista shifts per week, balanced with 2-3 administrative shifts per week, per the needs of the café.


Supporting the Team

      • Interview and trail all candidates for employment in cafés, per initial resume filtering from COM
      • Train all incoming employees on proper drink preparation, ringing in orders, prep & execution of homemade food items, and pastry offerings.
      • Provide continuing education and support on the above for existing employees.
      • Fulfill the above by Leading By Example—prepare excellent matcha and espresso, provide awesome hospitality and MatchaMessaging to guests.
      • Fulfill the above by providing Baristas, Lead Baristas, and Shift Supervisors with positive and constructive feedback on the execution of tasks, as well as taking disciplinary action (write-ups, loss of shifts, firing) with the support of COM as appropriate.
      • Recommend Baristas for promotion to Lead Barista and Lead Baristas for promotion to Shift Supervisor. Support their leadership training, delegating additional responsibilities as appropriate and as approved by COM.
      • Field inquiries and feedback from employees, directing them to COM as appropriate.
      • Foster an atmosphere of teamwork and the "good things come to those who hustle" ethos.

Supporting MatchaBar Silver Lake

      • Complete regularly scheduled administrative tasks:
        • Daily | make petty cash purchases and maintain a balanced petty cash bank.
        • Daily | place orders directly with vendors according to inventory needs, posting PO's as prescribed by COM, collecting invoices for all product received.
        • Weekly | complete Petty Cash Reconciliation spreadsheet, submitting to COM each Monday for the previous week
        • Weekly | complete Silver Lake inventory count each Sunday (or delegate to Lead Barista), submitting completed Inventory spreadsheet to COM each Monday for the previous week
        • Weekly | complete employee time clock punch edits, submitting completed Payroll Summary for all Silver Lake employees to COM each Monday for the previous week
        • Weekly | submit all invoices to COM each Monday for the previous week
      • Manage the Homemade Food Menu
        • Develop new dishes Chelsea food menu with the guidance and support of COM, subject to approval from Ownership
        • Create and maintain food prep schedule, ensuring avoidance of 86’s whenever possible.
        • Monitor quality of food menu, refining and adjusting according to sales and operational needs.
      • Manage café Scheduling for MatchaBar Silver Lake
        • Publish schedule 4-6 weeks at a time
        • Manage employee time off requests and changes to availability
        • Field employee call-outs and support shift coverage
        • Enforce MatchaBar policies regarding scheduling, time off requests, time punches, and shift switches.

Supporting COM & Ownership

      • Implement systems, new and old, as directed by COM & Ownership
      • Support implementation of of systems, new & old, to barista team
      • Meet with COM for weekly 1:1 by phone
      • Meet with COM & ownership by phone for monthly financial meeting
      • Review weekly and monthly financial reports with COM, collaborating on initiatives to increase sales and decrease COGS & labor
      • Prepare for quarterly visits from COM to MatchaBar Silver Lake

Supporting MatchaBar Guests

    • Be a welcoming and approachable presence to a diverse matcha clientele
    • Spread MatchaMessaging and educate guests on matcha in general as well as MatchaBar's signature offerings
    • Solicit feedback from guests, regarding specific menu items and their overall experience at MatchaBar

PAY RATE $50,000 annually, + health coverage, 10 days PTO, requires management experience

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