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- Ensure that each guest is acknowledged immediately upon entering the venue via verbal greeting and eye contact.

- Accurately identifying guests with reservations, by name and party size.

- Communicate all reservation modifications to appropriate staff.

- Possess strong planning and prioritizing skills when taking reservations and good judgment of cover count and party number in relation to table number and turn rate.

- Clear and concise phone etiquette.

- Seating guests at correct tables corresponding to floor diagram and flow of service

- You must be able to identify VIP attendees i.e. persons or parties spending at the venue including celebrating birthdays, bachelors parties, and corporate events, etc. 

-Barista experience is preferred as this is a hybrid position. 

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

Au Fudge is a place of community where friends and family gather for nutritious, epicurean food and festivities in a warm, sophisticated environment. Au Fudge is a restaurant, marketplace, and creative space designed to engage and entertain the senses of children and adults alike. 

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