Dishwasher / Porter

Barilla Restaurants - Bryant Park New York, NY
  • $13.00 Hourly
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Restaurant Dishwasher Job Purpose: The dishwasher covers a variety of tasks throughout the restaurant and supports every department within as described in the principal duties below

Principle Duties:

Dishwashing Machine

A dishwasher must be able to load and unload a dish-washing machine. Certain pots, pans, utensils and silverware must be loaded correctly, which helps the machine operate efficiently and effectively. The temperature has to be at the correct setting and the correct amount of dish-washing liquid should be used. Periodically, a dish-washing machine will break down and the dishwasher may be required to fix a jammed part. Machines also have to be assembled and reassembled before and after use.


Dishwashers also are required to take out the trash and make sure it is secure inside of Dumpsters. Garbage cans should be supplied with new garbage bags. Some are required to sweep floors, mop and make sure the dish-washing area is neat, organized and clean. They should make sure no food scraps are left on the cabinets, sinks, tables or dish-washing equipment. All food areas should be wiped down and sanitized.

Dining Area

Dishwashers may be required to bus the dining areas. When customers have completed their meals, dishwashers are sometimes required to clean the tables by putting dirty dishes on a tray and taking them to the dish-washing area for cleaning. They have to organize the dining area so that chairs and tables are situated and ready for patrons.

Food Assistance

Dishwashers have to make sure they observe all of the food-safety requirements established by an organization. At times, dishwashers are called on to assist the cook with certain procedures and techniques regarding food preparation and service. Some dishwashers have to provide service and attention to the back storage areas, as well as the coolers and freezers.

Store Utensils

Once the dishes, pots and pans have been cleaned, the dishwasher must make sure they have been properly stored and organized so that other kitchen workers will have immediate access to them.

Working Conditions

Dishwashers must be able to tolerate the heat when the dish-washing machines are running. They also have to be able to stand harsh chemicals and cleaners, such as oven cleaner and general cleaning solutions that help sanitize a kitchen area.


A dishwasher should be in good physical condition that allows them to bend, kneel or stoop, so they can pick up items such as loads of dishes and other kitchen tools, machinery and food preparation equipment. Some places require that a dishwasher have the ability to lift 50 to 100 pounds during the course of the day.

This job description provides a general guideline to the most common duties, responsibilities, and minimum requirement for this position. It is not all-inclusive and the actual position may vary as circumstances indicate or as determined by the Company.

At Barilla Restaurants, we believe “fresh ingredients” and “its people” are at the heart of our kitchen, coming together to create a pleasurable Italian eating experience. 

The inspiration for our dishes originates from the nostalgia of our roots, infused with a sense of progressive authenticity. 

“Our menu” is designed to bring to your table a variety of authentic flavors, ranging from the light Mediterranean Coastal fare, to the indulgent lifestyle of the countryside.

Our Goal is to provide our guests with the recipe for Italian conviviality; here the food is the key ingredient that brings families around the table, where happiness, friendships and celebrations are shared, old relationships are nurtured and new ones created, every time.

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