Medical Office Beverly Hills, CA
  • compensation depends on experience
    + Commission
  • Full Time
  • Health Insurance, Employee Discounts, 401K / Retirement
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Dermatology Practice & Product Sales Company is looking for an experienced full-time Nurse with Aesthetics, Laser Procedures, Cosmetic, medical experience or is open to learning. This position is responsible for all laser work as well as responding to patient’s medical needs. You must be proficient in Laser procedures as well as experienced, organized, problem solver, motivated, self-reliant and assured with excellent leadership, communication, writing and time management skills and likeable, compassionate, patient, understanding, able to continually multi-task and prioritize, especially under pressure. You must be experienced in dealing multi-culturally, and astute and able to work with the highest levels of functioning executives, co-workers, sales staff, customers and patients.


  • As Medical Office R.N. your position will be to assist, facilitate and develop the Doctor’s medical and surgical practice with daily medical office tasks, patient correspondence, emails, schedules, assisting in procedures or performing autonomously, injectables, prescribing, follow up, practice development.  
  • As an experienced or willing to learn Laser technician, using your expertise on correctly prescribing and utilizing the office lasers and diagnostic technology.
  • Liaise with all patients, follow-ups and ongoing procedure prescribing/orders, scheduling, invoicing, pricing, prescriptions.
  • Participating in- product/procedure sales and education/upsales to patients, which includes working with the office manager and outside staff.
  • Patient charting standards of care.
  • Pharmacies worldwide – prescription refills/ordering.
  • Oversee/communication of marketing with patients.
  • Vendor and Patient education on the company’s products lines.


 - Energetic, quick learner, problem solver, positive, quite likeable and trust earning personality with the ability to work autonomously, self-motivated as an experienced, effective fulfilled employee who is efficient in a fast-paced, complex business, supply chain, international and medical environment.

  - Excellent self and others managerial skills: efficiently with busy executives, highest functioning customers/patients.

  - Patient maintenance/interface/ follow up in concert with other office staff. Procedure pricing/quotes/in depth explanations taught to you in order to clearly comprehend and communicate.

  - Organized, self-motivated, hard-working, personable, compassionate, evolved, well-mannered and well-spoken, self-secure and sufficient.

  - Friendly and cooperative- interaction with patients, staff, public, worldwide - on a regular basis

  - Excellent Time Management/ spelling/English language, grammar, writing/emailing skills.

 - Advanced computer, software and technology skills and problem solving.

 - Excellent organizational/prioritization/get the job done/problem solving autonomously skills.

  - Must be able to keep standard of care/perfect records/files, reference material, excellently organized and be able to keep in concert with other business and practice, update and troubleshoot workplace problem-solving and leadership on a regular basis

  - Your honesty, excellence, trustworthiness/ethics/compassion/  for others must be sacrosanct and irreproachable.

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