Team Lead/ Club Coordinator

Fitdog Club Santa Monica, CA
  • $14.25 Hourly
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Employee Discounts
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

 ***Must have supervisor experience***

Supervises Dog Handlers, and  Receptionists. Maintains a clean and sanitary facility, and provides  superior care for dogs.  List of duties are outline below.

  • Must have an open availability
  • Demonstrate  professionalism and expertise that promotes the culture, values and  mission of Fitdog Sports Club. Models a dog comes first attitude.
  • Demonstrate best practices for staff including dog handling techniques, cleaning, customer service, dog knowledge, etc.
  • Supervise Dog Handlers including enforcing Company policies and procedures and daily operations. Make sure dogs are receiving proper love and care.
  •  Handle incoming calls, properly direct members, and answer questions
  •  Check-in/check-out guests (dogs) and ensure positive stay
  •  Prep overnight areas for dogs and assign lodging
  • Relay customer requests and needs to other departments
  • Cross/up sell goods & services. Retail experience a plus
  • Over exceed the expectations of customers by offering excellent customer service
  • Send updated to owners with messages and pics
  • Consistently  create a welcoming environment for customers by greeting and assisting as well as quickly responding to customer inquiries and needs.
  • Assist  front desk with customer service including answering phone, check-ins/check-outs, relaying dog information, and cross selling and promoting  products and services.
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge of Fitdog’s products and services. Know all of the dogs including  temperaments, activity levels, special needs, watch dogs, etc.
  • Conduct temperament tests and help determine eligibility of new dogs.
  • Determine, monitor, and manage friendly and stress-free dog playgroups according to breed, temperament and size.
  • Oversee dog rotations, break schedules and general well being for the dogs.
  • Ensure safety and health standards are being met including refreshing water and mop buckets frequently throughout the day, kennels are disinfected between stays, proper equipment is being used on walks, proper chemical use, etc.
  • Administer medication to dogs when necessary as listed on the medical board and in the dog’s boarding chart.
  • Coach Dog Handlers in learning dogs’ names and temperaments, ensure the  information boards are kept current and all dog information is relayed  to the Dog Handlers.
  • Other duties as may be assigned

WORKSKILLS:  Ability to manage employees, adhere to company standards, and to work  safety and efficiently with dogs of all sizes and breeds.  Must be  highly dependable, responsible and highly organized.  Possess computer  skills (e.g. Microsoft Office, Payroll Systems, Reservations Software,  etc.).

EXPERIENCE: One year + working in daycare environment 

QUALIFICATIONS:  Specific experience managing or supervising employees at a dog daycare and boarding facility and working with dogs in a cage-free dog daycare  environment.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma or GED; Bachelor’s Degree preferred; Animal-related course work and certifications required

PHYSICAL  DEMANDS: Standing for 7+ hours a day; must be able to lift 40 - 60 lbs;  manual labor (i.e. cleaning floors and crates, walking multiple dogs,  handling large dogs, etc.)

We are a fun, upbeat dog care facility that provides daycare, boarding, grooming and sports activities for dogs.

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